St. Nicholas Parish Church, Dundalk

The Green Church



BAPTISMS 1729 - 1803

MARRIAGES 1750 - 1803

BURIALS 1727 – 1803

This document has been transcribed by permission of the Director of the National Archives of Ireland



Dalsy Churchil, son to Robert Dalsy 28.8.1729

White Thomas, son to Christopher White 19.8.1729

McEntosh Henry, son to John McEntosh 1.9.1729

Wyne Ann, daughter to Thomas Wyne 23.9.1729

Bellew Elizabeth, daughter to John Bellew 23.9.1729

McEntosh William, son to Daniel McEntosh 14.12.1729


Scott Elizabeth, daughter to John Scott 5.2.1730

Page Stephen, son to John Page 27.2.1730

Hamill Henry William, son to John Hamill 11.5.1730

Bolton Ann, daughter to Lanty Bolton 26.5.1730

Handson Nicholas, son to Ralf Handson 1.6.1730

Brady Thomas, son to Thomas Brady 13.7.1730

Massey James, son to James Massey 8.8.1730

Crawly Samuel, son to Henry Crawly 13.9.1730

Wyne Harriot, daughter to Thomas Wyne 22.10.1730

Walsh Judeth, daughter to William Walsh 4.11.1730


Mason Richard, son to William Mason 30.1.1731

Morgan John, son to John Morgan 14.3.1731

McCartney James, son to Thomas McCartney 16.6.1731

Jones Jane, daughter to Richard Jones 27.6.1731

Fillis Mathew, son to Richard Fillis 25.9.1731

Boyce Mary, daughter to Archibald Boyce 15.10.1731

Hale Thomas, son to Richard Hale 31.10.1731

McEntosh Daniel, son to John McEntosh 17.11.1731

Wyne Elizabeth, daughter to Thomas Wyne 23.11.1731

McLaughlin Jane, daughter to Dunkan McLaughlin 1.12.1731

Brady Mary, daughter to Thomas Brady 16.12.1731


Bolton Elizabeth, daughter to Lanty Bolton 13.2.1732

Babe Jeremiah, son to John Babe 10.5.1732

Bows [no name given] Daughter to Revd. John Bows 13.5.1732

Lindon John, son to John Lindon 18.5.1732

Patterson Sarah, daughter to Thomas Patterson 18.6.1732

Hunt Henry, son to James Hunt 13.7.1732

Colyor Joseph and Dorrity, son and daughter to John Colyor twins 16.7.1732

Skelton Richard, son to Revd. John Skelton 2.9.1732

Edmonston Samuel, son to Samuel Edmonston 26.9.1732

Green James, son to John Green 15.10.1732

Gyles William, son to John Gyles 30.11.1732

Hill Isaac, son to Francis Hill 24.12.1732


Tailor Thomas, son to Thomas Tailor 26.1.1733

Sergant Mary and Isabel, twin daughters to Ben Sergant 28.1.1733

Peirce Nicolas, son to Nicolas Peirce 13.2.1733

McGill Robert, son to William McGill 27.2.1733

Bamer Elizabeth, daughter to John Bamer 16.3.1733

Wyne Lettice, daughter to Thomas Wyne 25.4.1733

White James, son to Christopher White 28.4.1733

Hill Ann, daughter to John Hill 22.5.1733

Patterson James, son to Andrew Patterson 3.6.1733

Jones Ann, daughter to Thomas Jones 3.7.1733

Page Sidney, daughter to John Page 23.8.1733

Brady Susanna, daughter to Thomas Brady 13.12.1733

Lyons James, son to Edward Lyons 25.12.1733


Mason Ann, daughter to William Mason 12.2.1734

Morgan Elizabeth, daughter to John Morgan 3.3.1734

Richardson [Jean? name blotted], daughter to Robert Richardson 13.3.1734

Walsh Jane, daughter to Jonathan Walsh 20.3.1734

Walsh Jonathan, son to William Walsh 31.3.1734

Wyne Dorraty, daughter to Thomas Wyne 8.4.1734

Jones William, son to Richard Jones 18.4.1734

Bolton Mary, daughter to Lanty Bolton 25.4.1734

Doherty Ann, daughter to Richard Doherty 23.6.1734

Gray Ann, daughter to Richard Gray 29.6.1734

McGill William, son to William McGill 7.7.1734

Cleary Margaret, daughter to Johnston Cleary 23.9.1734


Wyne William, son to Thomas Wyne 24.3.1735

Crawley Mary, daughter to Henry Crawley 25.3.1735

Hale Henry, son to Richard Hale 28.3.1735

Warren Esther, daughter to Robert Warren 2.4.1735

White Mary, daughter to Christopher White 18.4.1735

Scott John, son to John Scott 26.4.1735

Walsh Mary, daughter to Jonathan Walsh 26.4.1735

Murphy George, son to George Murphy 24.5.1735

Skelton Francis, son to the Revd. John Skelton 26.5.1735

Murray Dawson, son to William Murray 16.7.1735

Brady Susanna, daughter to Thomas Brady 7.8.1735

Tailor Mary and Margaret, daughters to Thomas Tailor 12.8.1735

Reed James, son to Charles Reed 25.9.1735

Babe Margaret, daughter to John Babe 25.9.1735

Patterson Elizabeth, daughter to Andrew Patterson 14.10.1735

Walsh Elizabeth, daughter to Mathew Walsh 27.12.1735

Ward James, son to Joshua Ward 28.12.1735


Marks Elinor, daughter to John Marks 3.3.1736

Gray Benjamin, son to Richard Gray 5.3.1736

Bows Doraty Elizabeth, daughter to the Revd. John Bows 16.3.1736

Hill Margaret, daughter to John Hill 16.4.1736

May Richard, son to William May 23.4.1736

Wyne James, son to Thomas Wyne 29.4.1736

Nesbit John, son to James Nesbit 27.5.1736

Dogherty Edward, son to Richard Dogherty 27.5.1736

Ellingsworth Mary, daughter to Charles Ellingsworth 20.6.1736

Morris Jeremiah, son to Thomas Morris 1.8.1736

Reed Isabellow, daughter to Charles Reed 17.10.1736

Hamilton Amalie, daughter to Lord Limerick 7.9.1736

Warren Rebecca, daughter to Robert Warren 17.10.1736

Massey George and Douglas, twins, sons to James Massey 15.11.1736

Morray Ann, daughter to William Morray 19.11.1736

Nuttil John, son to Leo Nuttil 21.12.1736


Belchy Richard, son to John Belchy 30.1.1737

Jones Elizabeth, daughter to Richard Jones 11.2.1737

Morray Robert, son to John Morray 28.3.1737

Walsh Elizabeth, daughter to Jonathan Walsh 8.5.1737

Murphy Mary, daughter to George Murphy 14.5.1737

Reed Thomas, son to William Reed 29.5.1737

White John, son to Christopher White 9.7.1737

Hunt James, son to James Hunt 15.8.1737

Wyne Catherine, daughter to Thomas Wyne 15.8.1737

Brady Elizabeth, daughter to Thomas Brady 2.9.1737

May Mary, daughter to William May 14.9.1737

Page Lidy, daughter to Stephen Page 14.9.1737

Page John, son to John Page 12.9.1737

Oglebee Joshua, son to Alexander Oglebee 16.10.1737

Walsh Christian, daughter to James Walsh 19.10.1737

Walsh John, son to Mark Walsh 3.11.1737

Mason John, son to William Mason 29.11.1737

Kelly Ann, daughter to Patrick Kelly 16.12.1737

Booth Jane, daughter to George Booth 24.12.1737


Ellingsworth Francis, son to Charles Ellingsworth 20.1.1738

Smith John, son to Ephraim Smith 30.1.1738

Scott Mary, daughter to John Scott 2.4.1738

White Margaret, daughter to Thomas White 2.6.1738

Holms Mary, daughter to Thomas Holms 7.6.1738

Morray William, son to William Morray 16.6.1738

Richardson Joseph, son to Robert Richardson 3.7.1738

Murphy Brant, son to George Murphy 8.7.1738

Gray Ralph, son to Richard Gray 8.10.1738

Johnston William, son to Richard Johnston Weaver 15.10.1738

Nuttle Elizabeth, daughter to Leo Nuttle 17.11.1738

Walsh Henry, son to William Walsh 21.11.1738

Wyne Margaret, daughter to Thomas Wyne 3.12.1738

Brit John, son to Mr Cromwell Brit 6.12.1738

Hamill Margaret, daughter to John Hamill 21.12.1738

Barr Joseph, son to Mr O Barr 25.12.1738


Carroll Ann, daughter to James Carroll 14.1.1739

Moor Lettice, daughter to William Moor 4.2.1739

Midcalf Mary, daughter to Nicolas Midcalf 18.2.1739

Murphy Jane, daughter to John Murphy 7.3.1739

Anderson Jane, daughter to John Anderson 22.3.1739

Reed Mary, daughter to Charles Reed 30.3.1739

Stinson Ann, daughter to John Stinson 12.4.1739

Morray Henry, son to Mr John Morray 4.1.1739

Smiley Ann, daughter to Samuel Smiley 26.8.1739

Smith Michael son to Ephraim Smith 29.9.1739

Hovey Rachel, daughter to James Hovey 14.10.1739

Jones Samuel, son to Richard Jones 11.11.1739

May Elizabeth, daughter to William May 28.11.1739

Bolton Mary, daughter to Lanty Bolton 16.12.1739


Forbus Mary, daughter to Robert Forbus 23.1.1740

Nisebitt James, son to James Nisebitt 24.1.1740

Brady John, son to Thomas Brady 4.2.1740

Wyne Ann, daughter to Thomas Wyne 2.3.1740

Nuttle Mary, daughter to Leo Nuttle 22.3.1740

Ladly William, son to John Ladly 23.3.1740

Wattson Elizabeth, daughter to John Wattson 5.4.1740

Miller Elizabeth, daughter to Henry Miller 4.5.1740

Murphy Collin, son to George Murphy 13.5.1740

Hall/Hale Ann, daughter to Philip Hall/Hale 17.5.1740

Mason William, son to Robert Mason 6.6.1740

Hale Elizabeth, daughter to Richard Hale 24.6.1740

Walsh Thomas, son to Francis Walsh 3.7.1740

Coonagh Philip, son to Patrick Coonagh 26.10.1740

Pullen William, son to William Pullen 3.11.1740

Colyer Thomas, son to John Colyer 7.12.1740

Patterson Jeremiah, son to Ralph Patterson 7.12.1740


Moor Edward, son to William Moor 3.2.1741

Richardson Mary, daughter to Robert Richardson 3.3.1741

Williamson Elizabeth, daughter to Andrew Williamson 16.4.1741

Skelton Philip, son to Revd. Mr John Skelton 5.5.1741

Mason Francis, son to William Mason 19.7.1741

Kingsmill Henry, son to Henry Kingsmill 21.7.1741

Walsh Catherin, daughter to Francis Walsh 9.8.1741

Johnston Mary, daughter to David Johnston 16.8.1741

Jones Margaret, daughter to Richard Jones 23.8.1741

Walsh James, son to Mathew Walsh 11.9.1741

Nisebitt John, son to James Nisebitt 23.11.1741

Page Stephen, son to Stephen Page 9.11.1741


Walsh Mary, daughter to Richard Walsh 16.2.1742

Reed Jane, daughter to Charles Reed 8.3.1742

Murphy John, son to John Murphy 1.4.1742

Rawdon John, son to Thomas Rawdon 13.6.1742

Warren Easther, daughter to Robert Warren 1.7.1742

Biggs James, son to John Biggs 25.7.1742

Nuttle Catherin, daughter to Leo Nuttle 18.8.1742

White Jane, daughter to William White 15.9.1742

Hale Mary, daughter to Richard Hale 6.10.1742

Wyne Faithfull, daughter to Thomas Wyne 22.10.1742

Richardson Mary, daughter to Robert Richardson 27.10.1742

Colyer William, son to John Colyer 31.10.1742

Clark Ann, daughter to John Clark 11.11.1742

Coonagh Jane, daughter to Patrick Coonagh 11.12.1742

Johnston Isabel, daughter to David Johnston 12.12.1742

Lester Ann, daughter to Charles Lester 13.3.1742


Stinson Alice, daughter to John Stinson 23.1.1743

Wood Mary, daughter to James Wood 18.2.1743

Morigan John, son to Robert Morigan 25.2.1743

Page Charles, son to Hugh Page 27.2.1743

Pronty John, son to Hugh Pronty 20.3.1743

White Jane, daughter to Christopher White 11.5.1743

Robintson Sarah, daughter to Alexander Robintson 26.5.1743

Smith Isabel, daughter to John Smith 27.5.1743

Buttler John, son to Robert Buttler 27.6.1743

Johnston Margaret, daughter to David Johnston 1.11.1743

Page Prudence, daughter to Stephen Page 1.12.1743

Fowler Francis, daughter to John Fowler 4.12.1743

Coonagh Margaret, daughter to Patrick Coonagh 14.12.1743

Lisk John, son to John Lisk 16.12.1743

Baxter Debra, daughter to James Baxter 18.12.1743


Miller John, son to Henry Miller 8.1.1744

Jones Stephen, son to Richard Jones 22.1.1744

Kingsmill Elinor, daughter to Henry Kingsmill 1.4.1744

Green Ralph, son to John Green 12.4.1744

Malone Jane, daughter to Thomas Malone 20.4.1744

Colyer Elizabeth, daughter to John Colyer 8.5.1744

Walsh Elizabeth, daughter to Francis Walsh 8.5.1744

Mason Alice, daughter to Robert Mason 13.5.1744

Wrightson Sarah, daughter to Aldborrow Wrightson 19.6.1744

Pendry Sarah, daughter to Richard Pendry 11.8.1744

Walsh Edward, son to Richard Walsh 3.9.1744

Agnew John, son to James Agnew 25.11.1744

Elgee Richard, son to Charles Elgee 8.12.1744

Huit George, son to Jonathan Huit 27.12.1744


Hale James, son to Richard Hale 17.1.1745

Wood [no name given], son to James Wood 4.3.1745

Boyd Ann, daughter to Robert Boyd 11.4.1745

Buttler John, son to Robert Buttler 11.4.1745

McCartney George, son to James McCartney 2.5.1745

Blackwell Adare, son to Robert Blackwell 4.5.1745

Connin William, son to Hugh Connin 15.5.1745

Mitch [no name given], son to Erwin Mitch 23.5.1745

Stinson John, son to John Stinson 1.7.1745

Smith George, son to John Smith 19.7.1745

Lisk Jane, daughter to John Lisk 28.7.1745

Coonagh Patrick, son to Patrick Coonagh 7.8.1745

Kingsmill Susanna, daughter to Henry Kingsmill 20.9.1745

Jones John, son to Richard Jones 22.9.1745


Gregory Catherin, daughter to Charles Gregory 5.1.1746

Reed Aldborrow, son to Charles Reed 1.4.1746

Reford Ann, daughter to Samuel Reford 9.4.1746

Johnston Richard, son to David Johnston 20.4.1746

Colior George, son to John Colior 24.5.1746

Green Martha, daughter to John Green 8.6.1746

Elgee Margaret, daughter to Charles Elgee 22.7.1746

Handerson Joseph, son to William Handerson 9.11.1746


Nuttle William, son to Leo Nuttle 11.1.1747

Wood George, son to James Wood 23.1.1747

Lisk Richard, son to John Lisk 22.2.1747

Buttler James, son to Robert Buttler 5.3.1747

Huitt John, son to Jonathan Huitt, 5.4.1747

Bridges David, son to Robert Bridges 29.5.1747

Wrightson Robert, son to Aldborrow Wrightson 29.5.1747

Anderson Moses, son to John Anderson 14.8.1747

Watson Sarah, daughter to Mr Watson 3.9.1747

Green William, son to John Green 1.7.1747

Franklin John, son to William Franklin 16.9.1747


Colior James, son to John Colior 10.1.1748

Corrin James, son to James Corrin 16.3.1748

Kelly Mary, daughter to Moses Kelly 21.3.1748

Stinson Mary, daughter to John Stinson 12.6.1748

Elgee Mary, daughter to Charles Elgee 2.7.1748

Marks Richard, son to John Marks 31.7.1748

White Elizabeth, daughter to Christopher White 2.10.1748


Blackwell Ann, daughter to Robert Blackwell 12.2.1749

Wood John, son to James Wood 1.3.1749

Pendry Martha, daughter to Joseph Pendry 11.6.1749

Buttler George, son to Robert Buttler 6.8.1749

Walsh Elizabeth, daughter to William Walsh 19.8.1749

Lester Ann, daughter to Charles Lester 29.8.1749

Stinson Richard, son to John Stinson 24.9.1749

Lyon Edward, son to John Lyon 23.12.1749

Cluff Cariline Harriot, daughter to John Cluff 25.12.1749


Hill Jane, daughter to John Hill 10.7.1750

Crone Thomas, son to William Crone 9.9.1750

Clark John, son to John Clark 16.9.1750

Trueman Ralph, son to Dudly Trueman 21.9.1750

Labisheer Rebecca, daughter to Mr Labisheer 13.10.1750

Henderson Margaret, daughter to William Henderson 18.11.1750

Elgee Alice, daughter to Charles Elgee 23.11.1750

Pettypeer James, son to the Revd. Mr Pettypeer 10.9.1750


Johnston John, son to David Johnston 19.2.1751

Gunnall Joseph, son to William Gunnall 4.3.1751

Conning Hugh, son to Hugh Conning 19.2.1751

Marks John, son to John Marks 29.4.1751

Lester Robert, son to Charles Lester 30.5.1751

Green Mary, daughter to William Green 14.6.1751

Colyer Mary, daughter to John Colyer 13.10.1751

Gyles Martha, daughter to Mr John Gyles 1.12.1751

Lyons Mary, daughter to John Lyons 29.12.1751


Bolton John, son to Richard Bolton 29.3.1752

Gordin Nathaniel, son to John Gordin 12.4.1752

Stinson Elizabeth, daughter to John Stinson 30.5.1752

Ginkison Sarah, daughter to Jacob Ginkison 31.5.1752

Butler Jane, daughter to Robert Butler 10.6 1752

Blackwell Elinor, daughter to Robert Blackwell 26.6.1752

Elgee William, son to Charles Elgee 25.7.1752

Hallen Elizabeth, daughter to Richard Hallen 2.8.1752

Wood James, son to James Wood 10.10.1752

Cluff William and Charles, twins, son[s] to William Cluff 21.11.1752


Harrison Jane, daughter to Charles Harrison 4.1.1753

Bean Jane, daughter to Richard Bean 5.1.1753

Labisheer Peter, son to Peter Labisheer 3.1.1753

Blars Edward, son to John Blars 4.1.1753

Noals Doraty, daughter to James Noals 11.3.1753

Miller Joseph Richardson, son to Robert Miller 28.3.1753

Green Jane, daughter to William Green 21.4.1753

Hughs William, son to William Hughs 22.4.1753

Marks Ann, daughter to John Marks 24.6.1753

Brook Henry, son to Arthur Brook of Colebrook Esqr. 23.7.1753

Gunnill William, son to William Gunnill 26.8.1753

Beatty Thomas, son to John Beatty 28.10.1753

Lester Mary, daughter to Charles Lester 29.10.1753

Elgee ……, a son to Charles Elgee 3.11.1753

Gyles Margaret, daughter to John Gyles 27.12.1753


Vincent John, son to Richard Vincent 26.1.1754

Since Mr Bows dyed [refers to Rev John Bows, Rector of Dundalk from 4.7.1728 – 15.2.1754]

Minnis Mary, daughter to Neale Minnis 5.4.1754

Clark John, son to John Clark 7.4.1754

Titrinton Mary, daughter to Charles Titrinton 7.4.1754

Bolton Charles, son to Lantloss Bolton 15.4.1754

Franklin William, son to William Franklin 19.4.1754

Erwin Elizabeth, daughter to William Erwin 1.11.1754

Hill John, son to John Hill 28.11.1754

Hill Judeth, daughter to William Hill 30.11.1754


Harrison Charles, son to Charles Harrison 16.1.1755

Marks William, son to John Marks 25.3.1755

Green Rose, daughter to William [John, crossed out] Green 23.4.1755

Cramond A son of Mr Cramond 21.7.1755

Clark Son of Mr Clarks 30.7.1755

Carley A son of John Carley in Parliament Square 6.8.1755

Coulter A son of Alexander Coulter baptized privately 20.8.1755

McCallam Ann, daughter of William McCallam 24.8.1755

Dawson A son of Mr John Dawson 29.8.1755

Franklin Elizabeth, daughter of William Franklin 16.9.1755

Trewman Margred, daughter of Mr Dudley Trewman 23.9.1755

Bell Mary, daughter of Mr John Bell 28.9.1755

Dillon Charles, a son of Mr Dillon’s 9.12.1755

Beatey Daughter of Mr John Beatey a Son in Law to Mr John Trewman 11.12.1755

Minets A daughter of Nicholas Minets 28.12.1755

Taylor A son of James Taylor a Sailor 28.12.1755

Writson Thomas, a son of Mr Writson’s 31.1.1755

Lester Francis?, son to Charles Lester 15.7.1755

Benson George, son to Charles Benson 22.6.1755

Russell John, son to George Russell 15.6.1755

Wood Sarah, daughter to James Wood 15.6.1755


Gyles Thomas, a son of Mr John Gyles 17.1.1756

Gunill James Hamilton, son to William Gunill 29.2.1756

Herrin Robert, son to Hans Herrin 26.9.1756

Neile Thomas, son to Mary Neile 24.9.1756

Marks Robert, son to John Marks 20.10.1756

Doran Edward, son to Edward Doran 24.10.1756

Hill William, son of William Hill 10.3.1756

Patterson William, son of Patterson weaver 18.3.1756

Thomson James, son of Guy Thomson 7.4.1756

Rusell George, son of Rusells in the Square 9.4.1756

Pendry Robert, son of Richard Pendry 13.4.1756

Atkinson Elizabeth, daughter of …… Atkinson 29.4.1756

[Morris] Sarah, daughter of Wyne Morris son in law 3.6.1756

Neale James, son of James Neale 3.6.1756

Joncourt Isaac Stephen, son of Stephen Joncourt 30.6.1756

Walsh Margaret, daughter to William Walsh 20.7.1756

Doran Edward, son of Edward Doran 24.10.1756

Joselin The Honourable Robert, son to the Right Honourable Lord Victor Joselin, born 19.10.1756 and baptised 10.12.1756

Hale Margaret, daughter of John Hale 21.2.1756

Marks Robert, son to John Marks 16.10.1756


Miller James, son of James Miller 17.1.1757

Dillon William, son of Mr Dillon’s 27.1.1757

McDaniel Twins daughters of William Mc Daniel 29.1.1757

Ebetson Richard, son of Richard Ebetson 6.3.1757

Elgee Nemmidleton, son to William and Mary Elgee, baptised 26.10.1757 by the Revd. John Bolton, curate in Carrickmacross

Howard A son of William Howard’s 27.4.1757

Grills Alexander, son to William Grills 29.4.1757

Hill Michael, son of John Hill 29.5.1757

Green Sarah, daughter of William Green 31.5.1757

Levelit Margaret, daughter of Peter Levelit 10.6.1757

Harris Ann, daughter of [blank] Harris 29.6.1757

Hill Samuel, son of William Hill 27.7.1757

Herrin John, son of John Herrin 2.8.1757

De Jencourt A son of Stephen De Jencourt 21.8.1757

Watkins Olivia, daughter of John Watkins 28.8.1757

Bolton Thomas, son of Mr John Bolton 28.10.1757

Jones Richard, son of William Jones 28.10.1757

Hussey Luke, nephew of Thomas Hussey of Priorland 1.11.1757

Christian John, son of Robert Christian 23.11.1757

Ibbotson Richard, son to Richard Ibbotson born 15.2.1757

Mallen James, son of James Mallen 17.1.1757

Holms John, son to Edward Holms 27.2.1757

Bell Harriot, daughter of John Bell 30.3.1757

Bizard Thomas, son to David Bizard 11.4.1757 [see also Bizart, Bissett]

Grills Alexander, son of William Grills 29.4.1757

Vincent Mary, daughter to Richard Vincent 3.9.1757

Workman Hariot, daughter to Merit Workman 23.9.1757

Fillis Mathew, son to Allen Fillis 14.10.1757


Dennis Frederick, son of Janus Dennis 6.1.1758

Wood Thomas, son of James Wood 22.2.1758

Pendry William, son of Richard Pendry 26.2.1758

Peters William, son of Donald Peters privately baptised 16.3.1758

Erson David, son of William Erson of the Square 2.4.1758

Meredith Mary, daughter of John Meredith 18.4.1758

North David, son of John North 26.4.1758

Mc Nemorra Daniel, son of Daniel McNemorra 29.4.1758

Wood Thomas, son to James Wood 21.2.1758 [see above, second entry, appears 21.2 or 22.2]

Patterson Jean, daughter of James Patterson 28.5.1758

Maxwell David, son to John Maxwell 3.9.1758

Page Susanna Mariah, daughter to John Page 10.9.1758

McDaniel William, son to Michael McDaniel 4.10.1758

Buttler Robert, son to Robert Buttler 8.10.1758

Dillon Fanny, daughter to Charles Dillon 8.10.1758

Greer Robert, son to Arthur Greer 2.10.1758

Marky John, son to Owen Marky 28.11.1758

Sermen Elizabeth, daughter to George Sermen 3.12.1758

Gonnill Catherin, daughter to William Gonnill 19.12.1758

McAuley Mary, daughter of Patrick McAuley 7.5.1758

Paterson Jane, daughter of James Paterson 28.5.1758 [second entry]

Dawson Mary, daughter of Mr Dawson 20.6.1758

Robinson Margaret, daughter of Levinus Robinson 14.7.1758

Edgar Hariot, daughter of Mr Edgar 30.7.1758

Tallon Jean, daughter of James Tallon 2.8.1758

Walsh Elinor, daughter of William Walsh 28.8.1758

Maxwell David, son of John Maxwell 3.9.1758 [second entry]

Paige Susanna Maria, daughter to Mr John Paige 10.9.1758 [second entry]

Greeor Robert, son to John Greeor 24.9.1758

Macdonell William, son of Michael Macdonell 4.10.1758 [second entry – see McDaniel]

Buttler Robert, son of Robert Buttler 8.10.1758 [second entry]

Dillon Frances, daughter of Mr Dillon 8.10.1758 [second entry]

Miller John, son of James Miller 10.11.1758 [second entry]

Bailey Hanna, daughter of Mr Bailey 26.10.1758

Streaton George, son of George Streaton 22.11.1758

Markey John, son of Owen Markey 28.11.1758 [second entry]

Sermen Elizabeth, daughter to George Sermen 3.12.1758

Gunell Catron, daughter of William Gunell 9.12.1758 [second entry]

[Gorman] John Gorman, grandson of John Annsley 28.12.1758


Holms Edward, son to Edward Holms 8.2.1759

Elgee Samuel, son to William and Mary Elgee 17.1.1759

Grils William, son to William Grils 28.3.1759

Hely Mary, daughter to Henry Hely 1.4.1759

Clark Isemy, daughter to Patrick Clark of the parish of Dunbin 16.4.1759

Page Alice, daughter to Mr John Page 18.4.1759

Clark Catherin, daughter to Martin Clark 9.1.1759

Boulton Elizabeth, daughter of John Boulton 17.1.1759

Marks Thomas, son of John Marks 18.2.1759

Herin James, son of Hans Herin 2.3.1759

Lions Moses, son of John Lions 25.3.1759

Pendry Robert, son of Richard Pendry 5.4.1759

Menzies William son of William Menzies 15.6.1759

Smith Mary, daughter of Joanna Smith 17.8.1759

Briges/Briget Ann, daughter of Thomas Briges/Briget 20.9.1759

Jones Davied or Daniel, son of William Jones 20.9.1759

Laulet Petto, son of Pettor Laulet 1.12.1759

Paige John, son of John Paige 2.12.1759

Doran Frederick, son to Edward Doran 29.4.1759

McDaniel Catron, daughter to William McDaniel 30.4.1759

Vincent Joseph, son to Richard Vincent 29.4.1759

Farlow Elizabeth, daughter to James Farlow 23.6.1759

de Joncourt Mary Alice, daughter to Stephen de Joncourt born 12.4.1759 and baptised 22.4.1759

Leister Elizabeth, daughter to Mr Leister 13.7.1759

North William, son to John North 24.7.1759

Carty Mary, daughter to John Carty 12.8.1759

Hill Edward, son to John Hill 12.8.1759

Hill Bridget & Elinor, twins, daughters to William Hill 29.8.1759

Fitsgarill William, son to William Fitsgarill 21.10.1759

Ebison Robert, son to Richard Ebison 14.11.1759

Page John, son to John Page 2.12.1759


Clark Catherin, daughter to Martin Clark 9.1.1760

Bisset James, son to David Bisset 12.1.1760

Evains Ann, daughter to Walter Evains 12.1.1760

Edgar John, son to Mr William Edgar 20.1.1760

Wood Margert, daughter to James Wood 20.1.1760

Herrin Thomas, son to John Herrin 1.2.1760

Dennis Elizabeth, daughter to James Dennis 16.1.1760

Dillon Ann, daughter to Charles Dillon 13.2.1760

Bolton Mary, daughter to Mr John Bolton 2.3.1760

Taylor Sarah, daughter to James Taylor 14.2.1760

Hosock Mary Ann, daughter to Samuel Hosock 9.3.1760

Chambers [no name given], daughter to Mr Chambers 12.3.1760

Colior Thomas, son to Patrick Colior 12.3.1760

Tideyman Mary Ann, daughter to Laurence Tideyman 21.3.1760

Crilly Peter and Catherin, twins, son and daughter to Thomas Crilly 16.7.1760

Sermon George, son to George Sermon 13.7.1760

Skelton Ann, daughter to Richard Skelton 27.7.1760

Conigam Benjamin, son to Patrick Conigam 7.9.1760

McDaniel Cisilly, daughter to Michael McDaniel 12.9.1760

Elge[e] Agnos, daughter to Charles Elge[e] 6.11.1760

Bizart Mary, daughter to David Bizart 18.12.1760

De Joncourt Raichel, daughter of Isac Stephen De Joncourt 16.11.1760

Hale Elenor, daughter of William Hale 16.2.1760

Gray Richard, son of Benieman Gray 1.6.1760

Paige Elizabeth, daughter of John Paige 10.6.1760

Petors Grisell, daughter of Daniel Petors 13.6.1760

Streaton John, son of George Streaton 29.?.1760

Morren Ann, daughter to Jerimy Morren 5.12.1760

Robinson Joseph, son to Levenis Robinson 23.10.1760

Moran Ann, daughter to James Moran 5.12.1760 [see Morren]

Bisett Mary, daughter to David Bisett 13.12.1760 [see Bizart above]


Lester William Henry, son to Charles Lester 6.1.1761

Turney Henry, son to Henry Turney 7.2.1761

Miller Ellenor, daughter to James Miller 11.2.1761

Heren Ellenor, daughter to Hans Heren 3.4.1761

Hill John, son to William Hill 8.5.1761

Marks Mary, daughter to John Marks 29.5.1761

Evins James, son to Walter Evins 10.6.1761

Smith John, son to Barnard Smith 23.4.1761

Ridley Sarah, daughter to John Ridley 3.5.1761

Hill John, son to William Hill 9.5.1761 [second entry]

Sergent Margaret, daughter of Sergent 12.7.1761

Skelton Thomas, son of Richard Skelton 26.7.1761

Gunell Judeth, daughter to William Gunell deceased 15.6.1761

Skelton Thomas, son to Richard Skelton 26.7.1761 [second entry]

Grills Ann, daughter to William Grills 3.10.1761


Maxwell Mary, daughter of John Maxwell 24.1.1762

Macdonell Briget, daughter of William Macdonell 28.1.1762

Bows Edward, son of Mr William Bows 5.3.1762

[Booth] Elizabeth, granddaughter of Booth 5.3.1762

Erwin Elizabeth, daughter of Wm Erwin 5.8.1762

Ebbetson Thomas, son of Richard Ebbetson 15.8.1762

Younge James, son of Widow Younge received private baptism 22.8.1762

Robinson Ann, daughter of Lovenis Robinson 23.10.1762

Murphy Harriet, daughter to George Murphy 22.2.1762

MacDonel Ann, daughter of Robert MacDonel 22.2.1762

Vizors Joseph, son to Joseph Vizors 5.3.1762

Macneale John, son of Hector Macneale 14.3.1762

Cuningham Isabela, daughter to Patrick Cuningham 28.3.1762

Morris Margaret, daughter of Jeremiah Morris 6.4.1762

Canning Alexander, son of Hugh Canning 6.4.1762

Dillon John, son of Charles Dillon 16.4.1762

Lester Sarah, daughter to Charles Lester 6.11.1762

Page Stephen, son to John Page 8.1.1762

Pendry James, son to Richard Pendry in ye Par:[liament] Squair 13.1.1762

Murphy Ann, daughter to George Murphy 22.1.1762 [see Harriet, above]

Wellsh John Anderson Wellsh, a foundling 17.2.1762

Clark Daniel, son to Martin Clark 19.2.1762

Stuort George, son to Samuile Stuort 28.2.1762

Denis Jean, daughter to James Denis 25.2.1762

Williamson Elizabeth, daughter to William Williamson 25.3.1762

Boulton Fredrick Charles, son to John Boulton 25.3.1762

Wellsh Elizabeth, daughter to Richard Wellsh 2.4.1762

Goodlow Mary, daughter to Stephen Goodlow 28.4.1762

Hoams Sara, daughter to Edward Hoams 30.5.1762

Kingsman Ann, daughter to John Kingsman 8.8.1762

Young James, son to John Young 29.8.1762

Hepport Sarah, daughter to Thomas Hepport 25.9.1762

Walker Ann, daughter to Walker, a soldier 26.9.1762

McCullom Ann, daughter to William McCullom 3.10.1762

Sirman Ann, daughter to George Sirman 3.10.1762

Fallkenor Hanna, daughter to Sargent Fallkenor 31.10.1762

Skelton John, son to Mr Richard Skelton 2.11.1762

Joans Sarah, daughter to William Joans, a soldier 24.11.1762

Blaick Hennery, son to Hen[r]y Blaick 28.11.1762

Brigets Jean, daughter [to] John Brigets 31.12.1762


Hogan John, son to Thomas Hogan 2.1.1763

Clark Arthur, son to Arthur Clark 3.1.1763

De Joncourt Hariout, daughter to Stephen De Joncourt 23.2.1763

Greay Ann, daughter to Benjamin Greay 6.3.1763

Horon John, son to Hanns Horon 3.4.1763 [see Herin/Herrin]

Campell Elizabeth, daughter to Doyall Campell 10.4.1763

Hailley Martha, daughter of [blank] Hailley, 11.7.1763

Grills John, son to William Grills 30.7.1763

Hill Margret, daughter to William Hill 5.8.1763

Paig Samuile, son to John Paig Juner [Junior] 7.8.1763

Denis Elizabeth, daughter to James Denis 18.8.1763

Marks Margret, daughter to John Marks 28.8.1763

Ebetson Elizabeth & M[ary] Ann, daughters of Richard Ebetson 3.11.1763

Murphey Elizabeth, daughter to Brant Murphey 24.4.1763

Smith Mary, daughter to Jery Smith 24.5.1763

Clark Thomas, son to Martin Clark 29.5.1763

Eviens Walter, son to Walter Eviens 31.5.1763

McDaniele Sarah, daughter to Micall McDaniele 8.7.1763

McClanahon Ann, daughter to [blank] McClanahon 21.8.1763

Trupell George, son to George Trupell 18.10.1763

Hoge George, son to Georg Hoge 20.11.1763

Gordon Ann, daughter to Thomas Gordon 26.11.1763

Stratfoar Darcy, daughter to John Stratfoar 4.12.1763

Bachellor James Bachellor, a foundling 9.12.1763


Maxwell Jean, daughter to John Maxwell 16.2.1764

Randells Joseph, son to Hugston Randells 21.2.1764

Lions Mosos, son to John Lions 10.4.1764

Murphey Ann, daughter to George Murphey 20.5.1764

Lions Edward, son to John Lions 15.7.1764 [see above]

Mcclelan Allis, daughter to Robert Mcclelan 1.12.1764

Sirman Thomas, son to George Sirman 21.12.1764

Skelton Rebecca, daughter of Mr Richard Skelton 11.7.1764

Eastwood Joh n, son of Mr Eastwood received private baptism 29.8.1764

Workman Hariet, daughter to Meredith Workman Esqr 24.10.1764

Murphey George, son to Brent Murphey 3.11.1764

Paige Frances, daughter to John Paige Juner [Junior] 4.11.1764

Dason Sarai Ann, daughter to Mr Walter Dason 14.11.1764

Sirman Thomas, son to George Sirman 23.12.1764 [second entry]


Coller Thomas son and Margret daughter to Joseph Coller baptised privately 9.3.1765

Colhooun Elizabeth, daughter to William Culhooun 10.4.1765

Ranils Thomas, son to Huston Ranils 30.7.1765 [see Randells above]

Moris Alice, daughter to Jeremiah Moris 31.7.1765

North Alice, daughter to John North 26.12.1765

Coller Thomas and Margret son and daughter to Mr Joseph Coller 10.3.1765 [second entry]

McDaniele Sara, daughter to Robert McDaniele 31.3.1765

Pearce Dorithey, daughter to William Pearce 2.6.1765

Clark William, son to Marting Clark 10.7.1765

Paige Edward William, son to Robert Paige 27.10.1765

Gray Jean, daughter to Ralf Gray 1.11.1765


Mick John, son to Erwin Mick 5.1.1766 [Mitik?]

Dalley John, son to John Dalley 13.1.1766

Houldon Jean, daughter of John Houldon 17.1.1766

Ranson Mary, daughter [of] Thomas Ranson 8.2.1766

Homes Margred, daughter to Edward Homes 16.3.1766

Maxwell John, son to John Maxwell 27.4.1766

Kenedy Mary, daughter of [blank] Kenedy 5.6.1766

Russell John, son to Thomas Russell 15.2.1766

Minets Margret, daughter to Neale Minets 19.2.1766

Slack William, son to Joseph Slack 22.2.1766

Denis Margret, daughter to [blank] Denis 16.3.1766

Skelton Elizabeth, daughter to Mr Richard Skelton 12.5.1766

Paige Charity, daughter to Mr Stephen Paige 16.6.1766

Cenerdy Mary, daughter to John Cenerdy 8.6.1766 [double entry – see Kennedy above?]

Goodlow Isabell, daughter to Jacob Goodlow 15.6.1766

Hill Susana, daughter to Sam Hill 24.6.1766

Duffey Martha, daughter to George Duffey 27.7.1766

Murphey George, son to Brant Murphey 13.8.1766

Gray Ann, daughter to Ralf Gray 23.11.1766


Patterson Henery, son to Joseph Patterson of Carick 13.9.1767

Paige Catrin, daughter to John Paige 4.10.1767

Gray Ralf, son to Ben Gray 23.1.1767

Leaths John, a son to Michall Leaths 1.2.1767

Meclelon John, son to Robert Meclelon 15.3.1767

Martin Henery, son to Joseph Martin 22.3.1767

Sleator Samuile, son to Mountgumrey Sleator 22.3.1767

Sirman William, son to George Sirman 12.4.1767

Hill William, son to William Hill 12.4.1767

Slack Robert, son to Joseph Slack 3.5.1767

O Neale Cristiean, daughter to Hugh O Neale 8.8.1767

Bleack Margret, daughter to John Bleack 9.8.1767

Fillice Allin, son to James Fillice 14.8.1767

Lions James, son to John & Isabella Lions 5.9.1767

McDaniele Mickall, son to Robert McDaniele 21.9.1767

Pendry Alice, daughter to Robert Pendry 2.10.1767

Lindon John, son to Robert Lindon 9.10.1767

Clark Mary, daughter to Marting Clark 29.12.1767


De Joncocart [Joncourt] Charlieout, daughter to Stephen De Joncocart 19.2.1768

Cralley Elizabeth, daughter to Samuel Cralley 6.1.1768

Moris Mary, daughter to Jerimia Moris 22.1.1768

Kenedy Frances, daughter to John Kenedy 29.2.1768

Houlden Niclos, son to John Houlden 5.4.1768

McDanell Eastor, daughter to John Mc Danell 5.4.1768

Murphey Mary, daughter to Brant Murphey 10.5.1768

Foster Margret, daughter to Patrick Foster 20.6.1768

King Susana daughter to Jacob King 29.6.1768

Renolds Dorothey, daughter to Huston Renolds 5.7.1768

Hill John, son to James Hill 7.7.1768

Flemon Jean, daughter to Thomas Flemon 15.7.1768

Kelly Elizabeth, daughter to Edward Kelly 18.8.1768

Paige Robert, son to Robert Paige 28.9.1768

Lindon John, son to Robert Lindon 12.10.1768

Murphey James, son to George Murphey 11.12.1768

Minets Elizabeth, daughter to Michael Minets 11.12.1768

Gray Elizabeth, daughter to Ralf Gray 27.12.1768


McCoy John, son to Samuel McCoy 3.3.1769

Macdonill Elizabeth, daughter to Alexander Macdonill 2.1.1769

Bamor [Balmer] John, son to Richard Bamor 3.6.1769

Maxwell William, son to Zacuria Maxwell 3.9.1769

Robinson Sara Apeton, daughter to Lovenis Robinson 28.12.1769

Haile Thomas, son to William Haile 15.1.1769

Sleator John, son to Mountgumrey Sleator 14.2.1769

Meclelon Robert, son to Robert Meclelon 12.3.1769

Brigen David, son to John Brigen 17.3.1769

Marks Sarah, daughter to John Marks 26.3.1769

Sirman Leticiea, daughter to George Sirman 2.4.1769

Pluneket John, son to Fredrick Pluneket 23.4.1769

Benit Elisabeth, daughter to Charles Benit 16.7.1769

Slak Joseph, son to Joseph Slak 10.9.1769

Lions John, son to John Lions 12.11.1769

Noris Joseph, son to William Noris 13.12.1769

Tomson [no name given], daughter to William Tomson 26.11.1769


Paige Ann Hariot, daughter to John Paige Junior 26.1.1770

Curren Elizabeth Mary, daughter to Edward Curren 4.2.1770

Boulton Alicia, daughter of John Boulton 25.3.1770

Duffey William, son to George Duffey 27.5.1770

Reed William, son to Thomas Reed Esq 23.6.1770

Megarity James, son to Edward Megarity 30.6.1770

De Joncourt Peter Antoney, son to Stephen De Joncourt `27.8.1770

Leane Richard, son to John Leane 8.1.1770

Hargeyton Edward, son to James Hargeyton 21.1.1770

Johnson Mary, daughter to John Johnson 4.2.1770

Curin Elizabeth Mariey, daughter to Edward Curin 4.2.1770 [see also Curren]

Leaths Mary, daughter to Mickal Leaths 6.5.1770

Bamor [Balmer] John, son to Richard Bamor 2.6.1770

Hill Robert, son to James Hill 1.7.1770

Patterson Thomas, son to Jerimiah Patterson 15.7.1770

Eastwood Letisia, daughter to John Eastwood 21.8.1770

Edwards John, son to David Edwards 21.9.1770

Terall Sarah, daughter to William Terall 30.9.1770

Flemin Robert Richard, son to Thomas Flemin 5.10.1770

Maxwell Zecaria, son to John Maxwell 7.10.1770

Sleator Mungumrey [Montgomery], son to Mungumrey Sleator 4.11.1770

Paterson Elizabeth, daughter to Jerimia Paterson 4.11.1770

Gray Richard, son to Ralph Gray 11.11.1770

Woods Martha, daughter to Mathew Woods 25.11.1770


Serman George, son to George Serman 23.2.1771

Evins Rebeca, daughter to Walter Evins 24.3.1771

Sleator Jean, daughter to Troillos Sleator ?.3/1771

Foster Jean, daughter of Patrick Foster 17.4.1771

Hargrove Robert, son to John Hargrove 10.5.1771

Maxwell William, son to John Maxwell the nailor 8.5.1771

Murray Leticia, daughter to the Revd Mr William Murray 29.5.1771

Murdock Joseph, son to George Murdock 25.7.1771

Leaths Thomas, son to Mickall Leaths 2.8.1771

Curon James, son to Edward Curon 5.8.1771

Seeds Mary, daughter to John Seeds 25.8.1771

Bamor Henry, son to Richard Bamor 6.10.1771

Streaton John, son to Thomas Streaton 10.10.1771

Murphey Elinor, daughter to Brant Murphey 13.10.1771

Eastwood Charoles, son to John Eastwood 20.10.1771

Noris Mary, daughter to William Noris 4.11.1771

Goodlow Jacob, son to Stephen Goodlow 6.11.1771

Moratz Jaims, son to Joseph Moratz 19.11.1771

Reed Sara, daughter to Thomas Reed Esqr 28.12.1771

Paige Allis and Frances, daughters to Stephen Paige 26.12.1771


Hale Ann, daughter to Richard Hale of ye first dovison of ………? 5.2.1772

Evins Richard, son to Walter Evins 15.3.1772

Robinson Lovinis, son to Lovinis Robinson 10.4.1772

Gray Benjiman, son to Bemjiman Gray 26.4.1772

Elizabeth daughter to [blank] 4.5.1772

Hill Mary, daughter to William Hill 17.5.1772

Patterson Margret, daughter to Jerimia Patterson 14.6.1772

Hailly Mary, daughter to Henery Hailly 21.6.1772

Mackgrohan Mary, daughter to Richard Mackgrohan 25.7.1772

Murphey Catrin, daughter to George Murphey 13.7.1772

Clark Sara, daughter to Marting Clark 28.8.1772

Sirman Mary, daughter to George Sirman 29.9.1772

Moris John, son to Jerimah Moris 11.10.1772

Maxwell Peter, son to John Maxwell 11.10.1772

Sleator Jean, daughter to Mungumery Sleator 11.10.1772

Simpell Ann, daughter to William Simpell 18.10.1772

Scott John, son to James & Anne Scott 3.11.1772


Murdock Robert, son to George & Mary Murdock 8.5.1773

Guitton Nathaniel Refford, son to Peter Guitton 17.1.1773

Page Sarah Ann, daughter to John Page 15.2.1773

Murray Ann Maria, daughter to Revd. William Murray 20.2.1773

Macartney Ann, daughter to the Revd. George Macartney 31.3.1773

Crawly Mary, daughter to Samuel Crawly 4.4.1773

Page Joseph, son to Stephen Page 6.4.1773

Murphy Elizabeth, daughter to Brent, who died last November, & Elizabeth Murphy 25.4.1773

Elfen Mary, daughter of Johannes Elfen 28.4.1773

Murdagh Robert, son to George Murdagh 28.4.1773

Corran Charles, son to Edward Corran 2.6.1773

Kennedy Frances, daughter to John Kennedy 18.7.1773

Mauritze William, son to Joseph & Elizabeth Mauritze 27.7.1773

Richardson Francis Marria, daughter to John & Abigail Richardson 4.8.1773

Murphy Harriot, daughter to George & Cathrin Murphy 9.8.1773

Lawe William Aldboura James Lawe, son to Mr George Lawe Thursday 19.8.1773

Simple Wenefred, daughter to William Simple 7.10.1773

Balmer Richard, son to Richard Balmer 22.10.1773

Pillston Robert, son to Robert Pillston 25.10.1773

Norris Jane, daughter to William & Anne Norris 10.12.1773


Slater Margred, daughter to Troyless Slator 28.10.1774

Farlow James, son to John Farlow 14.6.1774

Murrey William, son to William & Elizabeth Murrey 6.7.1774

OHare John, son to Edward OHare 17.7.1774

Slator Mary Anne, daughter to Troyles Slator 10.7.1774

Page Steven, son to Samuel & Elizabeth Page 17.9.1774

Patterson Mary, daughter to Jerry Patterson 11.9.1774

Scott Shusanna, daughter to James & Anne Scott 4.7.1774

Ievers Elizabeth, daughter to Peter & Joyce Ievers 13.9.1774

Page Robert, son to John and Leticia Page 12.10.1774


Morris William, son to Jeremiah and Elizabeth Morris 5.2.1775

Grey Mary, daughter to Benjamin Grey 5.3.1775

Maxwell Joseph, son to John Maxwell 24.3.1775

Reany Edward, son to John & Margarett Reany 9.5.1775

Sermon John, son to George Sermon 14.5.1775

Kennedy John, son to John Kennedy 2.7.1775

Mouritz Joseph, son to Joseph & Elizabeth Mouritz 23.7.1775

Murdock Jane, daughter to George & Betty Murdock 11.2.1775

Evans Ruth, daughter to Walter & Ruth Evans 9.10.1775

Read Ann, daughter to Thomas & Barbara Read 10.10.1775

McDaniel Bridget, daughter to Michael & Bridget McDaniel 25.11.1775

Page John, son to Sam & Elizabeth Page 26.11.1775

Gordon Sarah, daughter to Samuel, deceased, & Sarah Gordon 8.12.1775

Lyons Ann, daughter to John & Bell Lyons 17.12.1775

Aston Catherine, daughter to Peter & Dorothy Aston 27.12.1775


Hargeton Mary, daughter to Samuel & Jane Hargeton 3.1.1776

Troy James Henry, son to Hercules & Frances Troy 14.2.1776

Ivers George, son to Peter & Joyce Ivers 16.2.1776

Balmer Anne, daughter to Richard & Bell Balmer 16.3.1776

Crawley Mary, daughter to Ambrose & Peggy Crawley 3.6.1776

Mears John, son to Richard & Mary Mears 16.6.1776

Page Fairfax, son to John & Letitia Page 29.6.1776

Bolton John, son to John & Catherine Bolton 18.8.1776

Hill Thomas, son to William & Catherine Hill 18.8.1776

Lanton James, son to Josiah & Christian Lanton 8.9.1776

Pillson Mary, daughter to Robert & Martha Pillson 8.9.1776

Page Elizabeth, daughter to Samuel & Elizabeth Page 13.11.1776

Slator Sarah, daughter to Montgomery & Elizabeth Slator 22.12.1776

Farlow Elinor, daughter to John & Sarah Farlow 11.10.1776

Read Thomas, son to Thomas & Barbara Read 28.11.1776

Booth Sarah, daughter to Thomas & Catherine Booth 4.12.1776


Gray Mary, daughter to James & Ann Gray 26.1.1777

Norris Elizabeth, daughter to William & Ann Norris 29.1.1777

Harris William, son to Edward & Mary Harris 9.2.1777

Brennan Jane, daughter to Peter & Elizabeth Brennan 16.3.1777

Morris Jeremiah, son to Jeremiah & Elizabeth Morris 11.5.1777

Mouritz John, son to Joseph & Elizabeth Mouritz 3.6.1777

Lyons William, son to John & Bell Lyons 10.11.1777

Page Frances Maria, daughter to Samuel & Elizabeth Page 25.11.1777

Ivers Caroline, daughter to Peter & Joyce Ivers 26.11.1777

Read Alice, daughter to James & Alice Read 26.11.1777

Guitton Isaac Chevalier, son to Peter & Ann Guitton 30.11.1777

Heale Jane, daughter to Henry & Sarah Heale 7.12.1777

Macdaniel Thomas, son to Michael & Elizabeth Macdaniel 20.12.1777


Sermon James, son to George & Mary Sermon 3.5.1778

Elfin Dinah, daughter to Johann & Mary Elfin 2.6.1778

Balmer Mary, daughter to Richard Balmer & [blank] 3.7.1778

Hawkey Maria, daughter to John & Ann Hawkey 29.8.1778

May Charles, son to John May & Anne May 17.9.1778

Lynch Philip, son to George & Margaret Lynch 20.9.1778

Farlow John, son to John & Sarah Farlow 9.10.1778

Jenkinson Elizabeth, daughter to William & Jane Jenkinson 9.12.1778


Mouritz Thomas, son to Joseph & Elizabeth Mouritz 26.1.1779

McDonnell Richard, son to Robert & Jane McDonnell 6.3.1779

Tallan James, son of Laurence & [blank] Tallan 21.3.1779

Ivers James, son to Peter & Joyce Ivers 25.3.1779

Slator John, son to [blank] & Troilus Slator 7.5.1779

Wolsey Lucinda, daughter to William & [blank] Wolsey 26.4.1779


Trueman Thomas, son to Ralph Trueman, born 28.5.1779, baptised 7.6.1780

Gray Samuel, son to [blank] Gray, Market House 5.11.1780

Gray Mary, daughter to [blank] Gray, brother of ye aforesaid 5.11.1780

McDonnell Isaac, son to Robin McDonnell 26.11.1780

Hawkey John, son to John Pullein Hawkey 26.4.1780


Tallan John, son to Laurence & Margaret Tallan 6.2.1781


Moretz Stafford, son to Joseph & Elizabeth Moretz 10.12.1782


Gray Richard, son of James & Ann Gray 26.1.1784

Marks Mary, daughter of Richard & Ann Marks 28.1.1784

Gray Elizabeth, daughter of Richard & Ann Gray 1.2.1784

Patison Rose, daughter of John & Catherine Patison 13.2.1784

Shannon Mary, daughter of Oliver & Jane Shannon P: B: 22.4.1784

Stewart Mary Ann, daughter to Alexander & Letitia Stewart 24.3.1784

Smith Ann, daughter of George & Margaret Smith 30.3.1784

Moore Edward Moore, a foundling P: B: 5.5.1784

Butler Sarah, daughter of James & Jane Butler 7.5.1784

Hill Arabella, daughter of Edward & Mary Hill 9.5.1784

Morris Ann, daughter of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Morris 16.5.1784

Harris Samuel, son of Edward & Mary Harris 16.5.1784

Hall Mary Hall, a foundling P: B: 21.5.1784

Archer John, son of John & Jane Archer 18.5.1784

Carrol Anthony Carrol, a foundling P: B: 21.5.1784

Godbey Sarah Anne, daughter of Peter & [blank] Godbey 26.6.1784

Carthy Mary, daughter of Joseph & Mary Carthy 2.7.1784

Armstrong Rose, daughter of James & Ann Armstrong 2.7.1784

Neil Owen, son of John & Margaret Neil 11.7.1784

Winnery Arthur, son of Arthur & Judith Winnery 11.7.1784

Gilmer James, son of Stannus & Elizabeth Gilmer 6.8.1784

McDonnel Stephen, son of Robert & Jane McDonnel 12.9.1784

Gorman Mary, daughter of John & Mary Gorman 27.9.1784

Gavin John, son of Joseph & Mary Gavin 11.10.1784

Streaton Elizabeth, daughter of George & Esther Streaton 22.10.1784

Anderson John Arthur, son of Richard & Elizabeth Anderson 24.10.1784

[no surname] Catherine, daughter of [blank], a foundling P: B: 3.11.1784

[no surname] Mary, daughter of [blank], a foundling 27.11.1784

Slater Mary, daughter of Troylus & Margaret Slater 17.12.1784

Phillips Catharine, daughter of Charles & Anestes Phillips 17.12.1784

Johnson Sarah, daughter of Thomas & Charlotte Johnson 30.12.1784

Jervis Thomas, son of John & Margaret Jervis 31.12.1784


Crilley Joseph, son of Thomas & Margaret Crilley 2.1.1785

Straiten Alexander, son of John & Margaret Straiten 9.1.1785

Johnson John, son of James & Margaret Johnson 1.2.1785

Smith Alice, daughter of S. & Margaret Smith 5.2.1785

[no surname] Robert, son of [blank] 6.2.1785

[no surname] John, son of John & Catherine [blank] 6.2.1785

Barret Ann Jane, daughter of George & Martha Barret 2.3.1785

Patison [?] Henry, son of Henry & Mary Patison [?] 11.3.1785

Russell John & Mary Ann, son & daughter of John & Jane Russell 19.3.1785

Thomson Easther, daughter of William & Ann Thomson privately 31.12.1785

Carran Elizabeth, daughter of Michael & Margaret Carran 28.4.1785

Foesman Arther, son of John & Lucy Foesman 6.5.1785

Malcome Hugh, son of Thomas Malcome [& Margaret crossed out] 5.6.1785

Blake Robert, son of James & Margaret Blake 5.6.1785

Clarke John, son of Patrick & Ellenor Clarke 12.6.1785

Gray Peter, son of William & Mary Gray 12.6.1785

Butler Robert, son of James & Jane Butler 19.6.1785

Quash Sarah, daughter of Richard & Mary Quash 26.6.1785

Reid John Lambert, son of William & Elizabeth Reid 26.6.1785

Sarah – foundling 15.7.1785

Hudson John, son of Alexander & Agnis Hudson, soldier 17.7.1785

Cane Mary, daughter of John & Margaret Cane 2.8.1785

William – foundling 14.8.1785

Lotten Charles, son of John & Jane Lotten 16.8.1785

Page Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Page 20.8.1785

Whitfield Thomas, son of Henry & Mary Whitfield 28.8.1785

Cennady Sarah, daughter of William & Catherine Cennady 20.9.1785

Drunnet Rose, daughter of Peter & Elizabeth Drunnet 26.9.1785

Kilpatrick J:, son of James & Ann Kilpatrick 18.10.1785

Cummins Francis Henry, son of James & Elizabeth Cummins Officer of the 26th Regt. 19.10.1785

Frankling Ann, daughter of John & Elizabeth Frankling 15.11.1785

Crawley Jane, daughter of Samuel & Ellenor Crawley 27.11.1785

Grey Elizabeth Ann, daughter of James & Ann Grey 27.11.1785

Thomas, son of [blank] – foundling 30.11.1785

Salavan Martha, daughter of Philip & Sarah Salavan 4.12.1785

Norton Elicia, daughter of John & Brigget Norton, Castletown 4.12.1785

Mary – foundling 25.12.1785

Carty Elizabeth – foundling 24.12.1785


Thomas, son of [blank] foundling 10.1.1786

Crawford James, son of William & Jane Crawford 14.1.1786

Peter, a foundling 31.1.1786

McIntosh Frances, daughter of Widow McIntosh 5.2.1786

Smith Isabel, daughter of [blank] Smith 11.2.1786

Carpenter Catharine Charlotte, daughter of James & Mary Carpenter 23.2.1786

Sowden Prudence, daughter of Joseph & Martha Sowden 25.2.1786

Kelley Mary, daughter of John & Margaret Kelley 1.3.1786

Samuel, a foundling 16.3.1786

Pollock Elizabeth, daughter of William & Elizabeth Pollock 16.3.1786

Mary, a foundling 22.3.1786

Cruxon Jane, daughter of Joseph & Judith Cruxon 26.3.1786

Ardery Elizabeth, daughter of William & Ellener Ardery 28.3.1786

Brady John, son of Mathew & Ann Brady 20.4.1786

Joseph, a foundling 25.4.1786

Mitch Patrick Mitch, a foundling 28.4.1786

Collier James, son of John & Margaret Collier 28.4.1786

Slater Mary Ann, daughter of Montgomery Slater Junior & Margaret his wife 28.4.1786

Dennis Mary, daughter to George & Mary Dennis 29.4.1786

Macanner John Macanner, a foundling 26.5.1786

Browne Susanna, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Browne 15.5.1786

Margaret, a foundling 26.5.1786

Russell Sarah, daughter of John & Jane Russell 26.5.1786

Enby Stephen, son of Charles & Judith Enby 10.6.1786

Webb Margaret, daughter of James & Elizabeth Webb 18.6.1786

Skelton Richard, son of John & Esther Skelton 20.6.1786

More William, son of [blank] & Frances More 25.6.1786

Reade Alice, daughter of James & Alice Reade 29.6.1786

Johnson Graham, son of Thomas & Charlotte Johnson 29.6.1786

Wrightson Harriette Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas & Charlotte Wrightson 5.7.1786

Paterson John, son of John & Jane Paterson 9.7.1786

Shekleton Alexander, son of Joseph & Margaret Shekleton 16.7.1786

Mills William, son of William & Rosamond Mills 16.7.1786

Thompson John, son of Thomas & Catharine Thompson 16.7.1786

Ross Alexander, son of Hugh & Jane Ross 16.7.1786

Russell George, son of John & Mary Russell 16.7.1786

Dewer Neal, son of Peter & Margaret Dewer 24.7.1786

Mahan Mary, daughter of William & Catharine Mahan 26.7.1786

Lemon Isaac Lemon, a foundling 30.7.1786

Hail Henry, son of Henry & H Hail 3.8.1786

Crilly Margaret, daughter of Thomas & Margaret Crilly 6.8.1786

Armstrong James, son of James & Ann Armstrong 12.8.1786

Gillmer Robert, son of Stannus & Elizabeth Gillmer 27.8.1786

Anderson Letitia, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Anderson 1.9.1786

Mortan James, son of James & Ann Mortan 4.9.1786

Wight Margaret, daughter of Robert & Agnis Wight 17.9.1786

Flanagan George, son of Mathew & Mary Ann Flanagan 22.10.1786

Streten Mary, daughter of John & Margaret Streten 10.11.1786

Jones George Lambert Michaelroth, son of Richard & Elizabeth Jones 13.11.1786

Smith Thomas, son of Benjamin & Catharine Smith 23.11.1786

Gilligan Grace, daughter of James & Elizabeth Gilligan 24.11.1786

Thompson Ellen, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Thompson 25.11.1786

Cormack Margaret, daughter of Michael & Mary Cormack 28.11.1786

Mary, daughter [blank] a foundling 13.12.1786

Foesman Mary, daughter of John & Lucy Foesman 14.12.1786


Knaughter Alley, daughter of Philip & Grace Knaughter 8.1.1787

Trowton Elizabeth, daughter to James & Margaret Trowton 20.1.1787

Law Catharine, daughter to James & Catharine Law 5.2.1787

Hall James Hall, foundling 16.2.1787

Page John Thomas, son of Stephen & Dorathy Page 24.2.1787

Slater Ellen, daughter of Troylus & Margaret Slater 15.3.1787

Lyons Catharine, daughter of Thomas & Isabella Lyons 9.4.1787

Markes [no name given], son of Richard & Elizabeth Markes 15.4.1787

Mitchel Margaret – foundling 22.4.1787

Montgomery Margaret, daughter of Robert & Ann Montgomery 29.4.1787

Jane, a foundling 29.4.1787

Crawford William, son of William & Jane Crawford 13.5.1787

Gorman Ellisia, daughter of George & Mary Gorman 20.5.1787

Smith Hugh, son of Charles & Sarah Smith 25.5.1787

Clarke [no further details] 27.5.1787

Hawkey Elizabeth, daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Hawkey soldier 28.5.1787

Maye Meridith, son of John & Elizabeth Maye 3.6.1787

Mouritz Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Mouritz 3.6.1787

Parkes Catherine, daughter of Charles & Mary Parkes 13.6.1787

Fleming John, son of [blank] & Elizabeth Fleming 26.6.1787

O’Neil James, son of John & Elizabeth O’Neil 2.7.1787

Ryons Elizabeth, daughter of James & Elizabeth Ryons 15.7.1787

Shekleton Ann, daughter of Joseph & [blank] Shekleton 17.7.1787

Costex Arnold, son of John & Mary Costex 22.7.1787

Skelton Hamilton, son of John & Esther Skelton 8.8.1787

Browne John Augustus & Catherine Augusta, son & daughter of Fielding & Mary Browne 19.8.1787

Thomas Jane Thomas, a foundling 30.8.1787

Kilpatrick Alexander, a son of James & Ann Kilpatrick 31.8.1787

Brown James, son of Matthew and Ellis Brown, soldier 85th 2.9.1787

Hill Patrick, son of William & Catherine Hill 3.9.1787

Williams Eliza, daughter of Peter & Charlotte Williams 4.9.1787

Gates Thomas Gates, a foundling 19.9.1787

Lotton John, son of John & Jane Lotton 21.9.1787

Townsend Joseph, son of John & Ann Townsend 58 Rt. 14.10.1787

Blake Sarah, daughter of James & Margaret Blake 23.10.1787

Campbell Ann, daughter of Daniel & Ann Campbell 1.11.1787

Quash Richard, son of Richard & Mary Quash 11.11.1787

Thompson Catherine, daughter of John & Mary Thompson 14.11.1787

Hale Sarah, daughter of Henry & Sarah Hale 28.11.1787

Franklin Nicholas, son of John & Elizabeth Franklin 5.12.1787

Blake Margaret, daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Blake 5.12.1787


Johnston Margaret, daughter of James & Margaret Johnston 6.1.1788

Foster John, son of John & Sarah Foster 20.1.1788

Russell John, son of John & Mary Russell 3.2.1788

Dennis Bridget, daughter of George & Mary Dennis 13.2.1788

Hays [no name given], daughter of John & Mary Hays 6.2.1788

Barrette Hugh Cumming, son of George & Margaret Barrette 9.3.1788

Barrishell Anne, daughter of Samuel & Margaret Barrishell 28.3.1788

Anderson George Monepenny, son of Richard and [blank] Anderson 4.6.1788

Kelly John, son of [blank] and Ann Kelly strangers 25.6.1788

Crawley Charlotte, daughter of Hugh & [blank] Crawley 5.7.1788

Flanaghan Catherine, daughter to Matthew & [blank] Flanaghan 30.8.1788

Johnston Mary Ann, daughter to Thomas & Charlotte Johnston 24.7.1788

Gilligan George, son of James & Elizabeth Gilligan 7.10.1788

Read William, son of [blank] Read, Gardener 31.10.1788

John, a foundling, privately baptised 31.10.1788


Grills William Ephrahim 1.1.1789

Parkes [no name given] son of Richard & Mary Parkes 20.1.1789

Montgomery/Williamson Elizabeth, daughter to William Montgomery and Harriette Williamson gauger 24.2.1789

Hudson Patrick, son of Edward & Ann Hudson in gaol 12.3.1789

Atkinson/McDonel John, son of John Atkinson and [blank] McDonel 20.3.1789

Mary, a foundling, sent to Dublin 26.3.1789

Lawson Mary Ann, daughter of Joseph and Judith Lawson 13.4.1789

Connar Rose Connar, a foundling 13.4.1789

Night John Night 8.8.1789

Hanlan William, son of Michael and Jane Hanlan 22.10.1789

Hamilton Mary, daughter of George and Sarah Hamilton 1.11.1789

Hail John, son to Henry and [blank] Hail 8.11.1789

Theker John, son of Thomas and Mary Theker soldier 8.11.1789

Slater John, son of Montgomery and Margaret Slater 22.11.1789

Pepper John, son of James and Brigget Pepper 6.12.1789

Feagan Adam, son of John and Susanna Feagan 18.12.1789


Cough Cathrine, daughter of John and Sarah Cough 22.1.1790

Blake Rosann, daughter of James and Margaret Blake 31.1.1790

Johnston Charles, son of Thomas and Charlotte Johnston 7.2.1790

Williamson Robert Barton Williamson, son of John Williamson 8.2.1790

Baily June and Ann, daughters to Simon Baily 19.3.1790

Holding Thomas, son of William and Catherine Holding 23.3.1790

Samuel, son of – a foundling 27.3.1790

Lyons Robert, son of John & Rose Lyons 29.3.1790

Matilda, a foundling 10.4.1790

Montgomery/Williamson Roger, son of William Montgomery and Harriet Williamson 25.4.1790

Crawly Lewis, son of Hugh & Alice Crawly 29.4.1790

Shekelton Jane, daughter of Joseph & Margaret Shekelton 23.5.1790

Parks John, son of George & Mary Parks 23.5.1790

Waterson Thomas, son of Charles & Ann Waterson 26.5.1790

Foster Patrick, son of John & Mary Foster 8.8.1790

Skelton Thomas, son of John & Esther Skelton 12.8.1790

Gilligan Ann, daughter of James & Elizabeth Gilligan 5.9.1790

Barrette John, son of George and Margaret Barrette 12.9.1790

Ann, a foundling 6.10.1790

Hamilton Rebecca, daughter of Robert & Esther Hamilton 12.10.1790

Barrette Turner, son of John and Margaret Barrette 22.11.1790

Barrette Mary, daughter of John and Margaret Barrette 22.11.1790

Murtaugh Agnes, daughter of John & [blank] Murtaugh 23.11.1790

Lee Mary Lee, a foundling 25.11.1790


Clarke Michael, son of Patrick & [blank] Clarke 12.1.1791

Johnston Charlotte, daughter of Thomas and Charlotte Johnston 16.1.1791

Atkinson Abigail, daughter of George and Elinor Atkinson 7.3.1791

Balmer Mary, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Balmer 10.3.1791

Jane, a foundling 8.4.1791

[Tyrrell Mary, daughter of George & Mary Tyrrell 10.4.1791 with a line through it]

Magurty Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel and Margaret Magurty 4.5.1791

Montgomery/Williamson Sarah, daughter of William Montgomery and Harriette Williamson 28.5.91

Johnston Margaret, daughter of James and Margaret Johnston 28.5.1791

Shekelton Joseph, son of Joseph and Margaret Shekelton 6.11.1791


Lovet Charles, son of John & Mary Lovet of the 63rd Regt. 28.1.1792

Corris John, son of John and Hannah Corris 2.2.1792

Dawson Letitia Ann Margaret, daughter of James and [blank] Dawson 17.2.1792

McNalley Daniel, son of John & [blank] 18.2.1792

Boyle Francis, son of Edward and Elinor Boyle 19.2.1792

Hanlan John, son of Michael and Jane Hanlan 9.3.1792

Miller Jane, daughter of John & Catherine Miller 16.4.1792

Magurty George, eldest son of Daniel and Margaret Magurty, born 30.4.1792, baptised 6.5.1792

Mercer Charlotte Martha, daughter of Joseph and Martha Mercer 3.6.1792

Racabray John David, son of John and Mary Racabray Serjant in 63 Regt. 4.6.1792

Night Mary Night, a foundling 9.6.1792

Reid George, son of John and Mary Reid, Gardener to the Earl of Clanbrassil 14.6.1792

Shekelton Sarah, daughter to Mr John Shekelton the Baker 18.6.1792

Atkinson George, son of George & Elinor Atkinson 2.8.1792

Blake James, son of James and Mary Blake 15.8.1792

Peathon Elizabeth, daughter of John & Mary Peathon soldier 56 Regt. 3.10.1792

Gill James, son of Edward & Elizabeth Gill Capn. Whites Comp. 3.10.1792

Gray Eleanor, daughter of Richard & [blank] Gray 4.11.1792


Johnston Matilda, daughter of Thomas and Charlotte Johnston 1.1.1793

Austin Lewis William, son of Lewis & Mary Austin Parliament Square 20.1.1793

Barrette Martha, daughter of George & Margaret Barrette 20.2.1793

Blake Catherine, daughter of Richard & [blank] Blake 1.4.1793

Patterson Henry, son of [blank] Patterson Brazier 1.4.1793

Skelton John, son of John and Esse Skelton 19.4.1793

Gill John, son of Robert and Margaret Gill Soldier 8th Foot 19.5.1793

Magurty Susanna, daughter to Daniel & Margaret Magurty 1.12.1793


Straiten George, son of George & [blank] Straiten 3.2.1794

Atkinson Bemjamin, son of David & Ann Jane Atkinson 6.2.1794

Turney Mary Anne, daughter of William & Anne Turney 16.2.1794

Johnston Elinor, daughter of Thomas & Charlotte Johnston 2.5.1794

Savage Ann Jane, daughter of John & Jane Savage 6.7.1794

Maxwell Maria, daughter of John & Letitia Maxwell 12.10.1794

Dixon Roland, son of Adam & Mary Dixon 15.10.1794

Townley Alicia Ann, daughter of Edward & [blank] Townley 20.11.1794

Magurty John, son of Daniel & Margaret Magurty 4.12.1794


Mouritz John Joseph, son of Joseph & Elizabeth Mouritz 6.1.1795

Skelton William, son of Captain John & Esse Skelton 9.3.1795

Shekleton John, son of Joseph & [blank] Shekleton 5.4.1795

Blake Nathaniel, son of James & Margaret Blake 6.4.1795

Hill Thomas Hill, foundling 9.4.1795

King George, son of James & Margaret King he a Serjeant in the Scotch Fencibles, private 7.7.1795

James a foundling 7.7.1795

Higginson Mary Anne, daughter of Francis and Jane Higginson 9.8.1795

Aldridge Margaret, daughter of Robert & Margaret Aldridge 19.8.1795

Baxter Susanna, daughter of William & Margaret Baxter 12.9.1795

Law William, son of William & Jane Law, travelling from the North to Dublin 2.11.1795

Gilligan James, son of James & Grace Gilligan 1.12.1795


Maxwell Margaret, daughter of John & Elizabeth Maxwell the Nailer 2.1.1796

Smoke Thomas, son of Thomas & Jane Smoke 7.2.1796

Smith Margaret, daughter of James & Margaret Smith 14.2.1796

Magurty Anna, daughter of Daniel & Margaret Magurty 20.2.1796

Norton Mary, daughter of James & Ann Norton 5.3.1796

Hinds Elinor, daughter of John & Harriott Hinds 20.3.1796

Tyrell Garret, son of George & [blank] Tyrell 25.3.1796

Savage John, son of John & Jane Savage 28.3.1796

John, a foundling 1.5.1796

Skelton Mary, daughter of Joseph & [blank] Skelton 2.5.1796

McParland Joseph McParland 7.6.1796

Mouritz Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Mouritz 28.8.1796

Reed Two children son & daughter of William Reed at Lord Clanbrassill’s 28.8.1796

Jones Anna Maria, daughter of Richard & [blank] Jones Surveyor of Excise 17.9.1796

Bigger Charles Hughson, son of Lenox & Charlotte Bigger 22.10.1796

Streatin Alice, daughter of George & Allice Streatin 7.11.1796

Barret Leland, son of George and Margaret Barret 22.11.1796


Conner John, son of Hugh & Mary Conner Londonderry Militia 16.7.1797

Charles Joseph, son of Robert & Mary Charles the Derry Militia 17.7.1797

Arsdale Sarah, daughter of Thomas & Jane Arsdale soldier in LDM 16.9.1797

Beck James, son of Thomas & Mary Beck, Servant to Lady S Jocelyn 16.10.1797

Magurty Robert, son of Daniel & Margaret Magurty 19.11.1797

Holmes William, son of John & Mary Holmes 20.11.1797

McCoullough John, son of Robert & Mary McCoullough LD Militia 23.11.1797

Hinds George, son of John & Harriet Hinds 3.12.1797

Shekleton George, son of Joseph &Margaret Shekleton 17.12.1797


Totten Ann, daughter of William & Margaret Totten of LDM 2.2.1798

Parker William John, son of Thomas Parker of Water Lodge near Dundalk and Jane Parker otherwise Tucker his Wife 9.2.1798

Hill Mary, daughter of Thomas & Margaret Hill of the LD Militia 11.2.1798

Skelton Philip, son of John Skelton & Esther Skelton or Gordon his Wife 18.2.1798

Gray Richard, son of Richard & Mary Gray Mason 4.3.1798

Gillmor William, son of Archibald & Mary Gillmor Cabinet Maker 4.3.1798

Forde Letitia, daughter of Capt. James Forde & Sarah Forde alias Page his Wife 28.3.1798

McCoy Ann, daughter of James & Ann McCoy, Soldier of the D.Mil. 8.4.1798

Conning William, son of Alexander & Margeret Conning Durham Fencibles 3.5.1798

Reid Thomas, son of William Reid & Mary Reid his Wife Garden House 10.5.1798

Sutton William, son of Richard & Rose Sutton Private in the Durham Fencibles 20.5.1798

Holding Rachael, daughter of William & Ann holding 20.5.1798

Terril Darcy, daughter of George and [blank] Terril 22.7.1798

John, a foundling 12.11.1798

Filgate Alexander, son of Townley Patten Filgate & Margaret his Wife who was the Widow of Mr Thomas Wrightson 2.12.1798


McDaniel Mary, daughter of Patrick & Sarah McDaniel 16.1.1799

Balmer Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary Balmer 20.1.1799

Briggs John, son of John and Margaret Briggs 10.2.1799

Moran Richard, son of John and Ann Moran, Gauger 14.4.1799

Bigger Richard, son of Lenox & Charlotte Bigger his Wife 8.5.1799

Parks Ann, daughter of Richard & Mary Parks his Wife 8.5.1799

Maxwell Julia, daughter of John & Letitia Maxwell 22.7.1799

Farlow Margaret Mary, daughter of James and Judith Farlow 1.9.1799

Atkinson Mary, daughter of [blank] and Mary Atkinson, Sadler 8.9.1799

Craven Georgina, daughter of Thomas Craven & The Honourable Miss Hamilton otherwise Craven his Wife 17.9.1799

Norton Sarah, daughter of John & [blank] Norton 19.9.1799

Bansondale John, son of James & Ann Bansondale Tipperary Militia 22.9.1799

Hinds John Thomas, son of John & Harriet Hinds 23.9.1799

Henry John, son of William & Jane Henry Tipperary Militia 25.9.1799

McArdle Arthur, son of Edward & Rose McArdle 25.9.1799

Stewart Bridget, daughter of William & Mary Stewart Tipperary Militia 3.10.1799

Fitzpatrick Jane, daughter of John & Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Serjt. Tip. Militia 1.10.1799

Tourney George Henry, son of William & [blank] Tourney Shoemaker 4.10.1799

Atkinson Jane, daughter to John, and Anne Atkinson his Wife, formerly the Widow Byrne 10.12.1799


McCollough John, son of James & Mary McCollough 9.1.1800

Gillichan Joseph, son of James & Elizabeth Gillichan 10.1.1800

Yapp Thomas, son of William & Abigail Yapp 24.1.1800

Daniel Jane, daughter of Richard & Judith Daniel 2.2.1800

Gray Michael, son of Samuel & [blank] Gray 15.4.1800

Margaret, a foundling 6.5.1800

Balmer Jane, daughter of Henry & Margaret Balmer 23.5.1800

Gossen William, son of William & Alice Gossen of the Donegall Militia 3.6.1800

Smith Rose, daughter of Richard & Ann Smith Private Baptism 2.7.1800

Margaret, a foundling 14.7.1800

Holding Judith, daughter of William & Judith Holding 20.7.1800

Forde John, son of James & Sarah Forde 29.7.1800

Godby Peter, son of Peter and Mrs. Godby 17.8.1800

Bigger George Lenox, son of Lenox & Charlotte Bigger 20.8.1800

Grey Mary, daughter of Richard Grey mason & Mary Grey, otherwise Raymond his Wife 31.8.1800

Temple Ann, daughter of James & Margaret Temple of the 71st Regmt. 16.9.1800

McBlain Thomas, son of Hugh and Mary McBlain 1.9.1800

Terril John, son of George and [blank] Terril Gauger 21.9.1800

Parker Henry Worrall, son of Thomas & Jane Parker 11.10.1800

Tyrrel George, son of Gerard & J Tyrrel 12.10.1800

Higginson Jane, daughter of Richard & Jane Higginson 12.10.1800

Dalrymple Frances, daughter of George & Frances Dalrymple, Commedians 21.12.1800


Moran Ann Rosamond, daughter of John & Ann Moran 8.1.1801

McCalister Randal, son of Thomas Randal & Ann McCalister 26.1.1801

Barret Mary, daughter of George & Margaret Barret 16.2.1801

Hore Walter, son of William & Eleanor Hore 23.2.1801

Gilmer Robert, son of Archibald & Mary Gilmer 1.3.1801

Rutherford Samuel, son of John & Mary Rutherford 12.3.1801

Connel John Noble, son of Michael & Eleanor Connel 2nd Master Carabiniers 26.3.1801

Johnston James, son of James & Margaret Johnston 19.4.1801

Graves Sophia, daughter of Bartholomew & Margaret Graves 26.4.1801

Guy Marianne, daughter of John & Elizabeth Guy 26.4.1801

Wilson Jane, daughter of John & Catherine Wilson of the Artillery 2.5.1801

Carney Briget, daughter of Edward & Ann Carney of near Forkill 20.5.1801

Tallan Elizabeth, daughter of Mr James & Ann Tallan 20.5.1801

Forbes Charles, son of John & Susanna Forbes 21.5.1801

Fitzsimons Mary Ann, daughter of Patrick & Sarah Fitzsimons Serjt. of the Carbiniers 31.5.1801

Parks Charles, son of Charles & Catherine Parks 31.5.1801

Farlow Judith, daughter of James & Judith Farlow 9.6.1801

Casey Thomas, son of James & Catherine Casey of the 32 Regimt. 10.6.1801

Hill John, son of John & [blank] Hill Slater 15.6.1801

Broder Henry, son of Robert & Catherine Broder Sligoe Militia 29.6.1801

Curry Catherine, daughter of James & Ann Curry Artillery 8.7.1801

Hill Edward, son of Edward & Agnes Hill 19.7.1801

Wright Margaret, daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Wright Sligoe Militia 20.7.1801

Burrowes Thomas, son of Johnston & Mary Burrowes Sligoe Militia 26.7.1801

Downy James, son of William & Agnes Downy Carabiniers 26.7.1801

Yapp Henry & William Twins sons of William & Abigail Yapp Private Baptism 27.7.1801

McNamara Thomas, son Of Connor & Honora McNamara 6th Dragoon Guards 28.7.1801

Blake Henry, son of James & Margaret Blake 31.7.1801

Chambers Alexander Frederick, son of John & Lucinda Chambers Officer Carabiniers 31.7.1801

Logan James, son of Edward and Margaret Logan 2.8.1801

Goodwin William Edward, son of Capt. Samuel & Elizabeth Goodwin of the Sligo Militia 25.8.1801

McGusty William, son of Daniel & Margaret McGusty 6.9.1801 7 Octobr.1801 was the last visitation

Clarke Mary, daughter of James & Elizabeth Clarke Priv.Sligo Militia 9.10.1801

Turney Edward, son of William & Ann Turney 11.10.1801

Patterson Richard & James sons, Twins, of Thomas & Mary Patterson 1.11.1801

Maxwell Jack, a son of Henry & Sarah Maxwell 8.11.1801

Joice Rebecca, daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Joice of the Carabiniers 15.11.1801

Guitton William, son of Nathaniel & Mary Guitton 22.11.1801

Wallace Elinor, daughter of John & Ann Wallace Sligo Militia 28.11.1801


Maxwell Jane, daughter William & Margaret Maxwell of the Carabineers 6.1.1802

Buchanan Margaret, daughter of Thomas & Mary Buchanan Sligo Militia 17.1.1802

Leech Margaret, daughter of Henry & Margaret Leech Sligo Militia 27.1.1802

Peacock Sarah, daughter of John & Margaret Peacock 8.2.1802

Shaw Robert, son of William & Mary Shaw Sligo Militia 10.2.1802

Graham Mary, daughter of Alan & Catherine Graham of 6th Dragoon Guards 12.2.1802

Townly Mary, daughter of William & Catherine Townly 13.3.1802

Forde Robert, son of James & Sarah Forde 22.3.1802

Stephenson Thomas, son of James & Dorothea Stephenson Sligo Militia 4.4.1802

Crilly Jane, daughter of John & Margaret Crilly 4.4.1802

Rowland Edward, son of Edward & Grace Rowland 12.4.1802

Luccas James, son of Robert & Elizabeth Luccas Tiperary Militia 17.4.1802

Gilmer Robert, son of Archibald & Mary Gilmer 18.4.1802

Balmer Isabella, daughter of Henry & Margaret Balmer 22.4.1802

Balmer Robert, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Balmer 23.4.1802

Shegog Ann, daughter of John & Marley Shegog 3.5.1802

Gray Ann, daughter of Samuel & Margaret Gray 5.5.1802

Briggs John, son of John & Margaret Briggs 5.5.1802

Montacue Ann, daughter of Roger & Catherine Montacue Wicklow Militia 27.5.1802

Farlow Elizabeth, daughter of John & Elizabeth Farlow 30.5.1802

Gray Benjamin, son of Benjamin & Margaret Gray 7.6.1802

Macmahon Robert, son of Philip & Margaret Macmahon Grocer 13.6.1802

Moore William, son of Thomas & Mary Moore of 58 Regt. 14.6.1802

Anchor Jane, daughter of Lester & Martha Anchor Caribineers 20.6.1802

Attern Thomas, son of T.B. Attern & Sarah Attern, otherwise Baldwin Louth Militia 27.6.1802

Caldwell John, son of Thomas & Mary Caldwell 6th Dragoon Guards 27.6.1802

Byrne James Byrne, a foundling 17.7.1802

Henry Jane, daughter of William & Margaret Henry Quarter Master 6th Dragoon Guards 18.7.1802

Moran William Richard, son of John & Ann Moran Gauger 18.7.1802

Perry Jane, daughter of John & Elizabeth Perry 20.7.1802

Hume Margaret, daughter of James & Margaret Hume Carabiniers 28.7.1802

McBlane Thomas, son of Hugh & Mary McBlane 8.8.1802

Guy Elisia, daughter of John & Catherine Guy 8.8.1802

Cowen Elizabeth, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Cowen Caribineers 10.8.1802

Scales John, son of Quarter Master Scales, 6th Dragoon Guards 12.8.1802

Murray Ann, daughter of Frederick & Catherine Murray 14.8.1802

McCalister Margaret, daughter of Thomas & Ann McCalister 15.8.1802

Tallan John, son of James & Ann Tallan, his Wife, otherwise Forde, daughter of James Forde Esqr Senr. 10.9.1802

Parker Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas & Jane Parker 3.10.1802

Blake William, son of James Blake Shoemaker & Margaret his Wife 5.10.1802

Drake Elizabeth, daughter of John & Mary Drake, 6 Dragoons 18.10.1802

Scott Ann & Jane, Twin daughters of John & Esther Scott 23.10.1802

Clarke John, son of William & Ann Clarke King’s Own Regt. 7.11.1802

Bigger Francis Eastwood, son of Lenox & Charlott Bigger 11.11.1802

Godbey Robert, son of Peter & [blank] Godbey 2.12.1802

Nicols William, son of William & Mary Nicols of the 3rd G…ness 19.12.1802


Douglas Elinor, daughter of George & Mary Douglas, 6th Regt. 6.1.1803

Mansell Mary, daughter of Alexander & Mary Mansell 3 Dragoons 9.1.1803

Gamble Rebecca, daughter of John & Elinor Gamble 3 Dragoons 16.1.1803

Blake Jane, daughter of Nathaniel & Elizabeth Blake 18.1.1803

Howard William, son of Samuel & Elizabeth Howard 67 Regmt. 30.1.1803

Moore Mary Blake, daughter of Charles & Ann Moore 67 Regmt. 31.1.1803

Gray Ralph, son of Ralph & Mary Gray 3.2.1803

Errington Ann, daughter of Mark & Grace Errington 6th Dragoons 11.2.1803

Cooper John, son of John & Catherine Cooper Corporal 67 Regt. 13.2.1803

Maxwell William Henry, son of Henry & Sarah Maxwell 23.2.1803

Keating Elizabeth, daughter of Oliver & Anastatia Keating of 67 Regmt. 8.3.1803

Greek Ellen, daughter of Samuel & Mary Greek, of Lissnawolly 16.3.1803

Bachelor Mary Ann, daughter of James and Ann Bachelor 67 Regmt. 8.4.1803

William, a foundling from the Parish of Gilford 11.4.1803

Welsh Catherine, daughter of William & Elizabeth Welsh Q’s Bays 1.5.1803

Rutherford William Henlock Rutherford, son of John & Mary Rutherford 3.5.1803

Gillicham Frances, daughter of James & Elizabeth Gillicham 2.5.1803

Page John & William Page, Twins, sons of Samuel Page Junr. & Ellen Page his Wife Reilley 4.5.1803

Fitzpatrick Ellen, daughter of Dennis & Elizabeth Fitzpatrick the Gaoler 22.5.1803

Parks James, son of Charles & Catherine Parks 27.5.1803

Gafford William, son of Richard & Jane Gafford 5.6.1803

Lee Joseph, son of Joseph & Elizabeth Lee Serjt. 67 Regmt. 12.6.1803

Dale Mary, daughter of Josiah & Elizabeth Dale 67 Regt. 26.6.1803

Reed William Reed, a foundling 1.7.1803

Flighfield Elizabeth, daughter of William & Mary Ann Flighfield 10.7.1803

Thomas William Thomas, son of Elias & Ann Thomas Private 2 Dragoon Guards 11.7.1803

James, a foundling 25.7.1803

Matthews Patrick, son of Edward Matthews & Elizabeth Matthews his Wife 2.8.1803



Howard, George to Conning, Jane 16.2.1750

George Howard marryed to Jane Conning February the 16th 1750


Josselin, [blank ] to Hamilton, Anne 11.12.1752

The Hon:ble Mr Josselin son to the Right Hon:ble Lord Chancellor Marryed to the Hon:ble Ann Hamilton Daughter to the Rt: Hon:ble Ld: Vict: Limerick by the Revd: Mr Thomas Bows Decembr. ye 11th: N:S: 1752 [N.S. – New Style: the Gregorian calendar was adopted in September 1752]

Vincent, Richard to Coulter, Jane 3.12.1752


Connely, Michael to McGonnis, Sarah 26.12.1753

Hardy, Thomas to Kingsberry, Esther 28.12.1753


Ostriof, Christian to Reford, Jane 17.3.1755

De Joncoart, Stephen to Hamilton, Alice, by licence 1.8.1755


Herin, Hans to Farlow, Mary of ye Parlement Squaier 28.7.1756

Perkins, Mr Thomas to Bull, Mrs Elizabeth 27.11.1756

Fillis, Allin to Mony, Ann 21.11.1756


Skelton, Mr Richard to Warren, Mrs Mary 10.2.1757

Newlan, Andrew to Lambert, Ann 21.5.1757

Grear, Arthur to Patterson, Margaret 23.10.1757

Clark, Martin to McCourt, Bridget 26.10.1757

Page, John to Wyne, Lettice 27.10.1757

Thompson, Shem to Green, Mrs Mary 1.11.1757

Sermon, George to Moor, Mary 26.11.1757

McDaniel, Michael to Kelly, Bridget 2.11.1757


Heley, [blank] to Dowdall, Margaret marryed in the Church 25.6.1758


Gray, Benjiman to McMahon, Jean 30.4.1759

Wileamson, John to Hamilton, Ann 17.11.1759


Goodlow, Jacob to Hill, Mary 1.1.1760

Armstrong, Robert to Green, Jean by licence 17.5.1760

Murphey, George to Wynn, Catrin 31.12.1760

Crow, John to Hill, Susana with licence 8.7.1760

Whit[e], James to Smith, Margret 2.8.1760

Campbell, Charles to Mason, Meariem 10.8.1760

Nevell, Charles to Kelly, Elizabeth 29.9.1760


Moore, Richard to Russell, Ann 5.8.1761


Cantlow, Daved to Walsh, Elizabeth 30.1.1762

Perce, William to Pots, Alice 6.2.1762

Pendry, Robert to Hill, Mary 1.3.1762

McDaniele, Robert to Goodlow, Jean 5.3.1762

Murphey, Brant to Johnston, Elizabeth 15.7.1762

Paterson, William to Johnston, Margaret 15.7.1762


McEntosh, Henry to McAlestor, Alice 7.3.1763

Clark, Francus to Patterson, Elizabeth by licence 1.5.1763

Swift, John to Nash, Mary 23.5.1763


Dasson, Walter to Dillon, Sarah by licence 7.1.1764

Clark, Charles to Boys, Ann 7.4.1764

Paige, Stephan to Stocker, Dorithey 26.6.1764

Burk, John to Dillon, Sarah 20.7.1764

Graham, Thomas to Boyce, Susana 24.12.1764

Daws, Patrick to Gallmor, Sarah 27.12.1764

Mitik, Irwin to Gray, Ann 27.12.1764


Gray, Rallf to Brigens, Ann 12.2.1765 also second entry Gray, Ralph to Brigen, Ann 13.1.1765

Flemon, Thomas to Richardson, Sallsbery 13.4.1765

Coller, Thomas to Wellsh, Catrin 13.4.1765

Lisk, William to Morton, Sarah 8.5.1765

Norcot, Mr to Warron, Miss 13.10.1765


Clark, Josious to Winn, Ann 14.1.1766

Gudlow, Stephan to Cuning, Eastor 7.1.1766

Law, Michael to Hill, Ann 28.4.1766

Yong, John to Hamon, Ann 11.6.1766

Johnston, William to Norminston, Wido[w] 24.12.1766


Law, Mr George to Read, Miss Mary 24.5.1767


Noris, Wileam to Richardson, Ann married in Newry by the Revd Mr Lueos 2.2.1768

Ranson, Thomas to Gill, Elizebeth by licence 13.3.1768

Joh[n]ston, Andrew to Mehaffey, Mary 6.11.1768


Curien, Edward to Ellge, Margaret 27.3.1769 also

Curen, Edward to Ellge, Margaret by licence 27.3.1769

Edwards, David to Blayer, Rose by licence 24.10.1769

Sleator, Trolles to Clark, Margaret by licence 10.12.1769

Read, Mr Thomas to Mecarteny, Barbara by licence 10.11.1769


Pendry, Ralph to Goodlow, Iesabell married being called in Church 7.1.1770

Duglos, John to Farlow, Mary 17.1.1770

Mur[r]ay, The Revd Mr Wileam to Read, Misrs Elizabeth 7.4.1770

Shanks, John to Anderson, Pattience by licence 18.5.1770


McArdele, Patrick to McArdile, Allis married and being called in the Church of Dundalk 21.5.1771


McCartney, James to Macartney, Ann married being called in Church 7.3.1773

Nesbitt, Thomas to Read, Ann by licence 6.4.1773

Farlow, John to Stretten, Sarah being called and Married in Church 30.11.1773


Irwin, Henry to Collier, Mary by licence 25.5.1774


Aston, Peter to Richardson, Dorothy by licence by Revd. Wm Murray 19.6.1775 [16.6.1775 on a second entry]

Clarke, Patrick to Clarke, Eleanor by licence 24.9.1775


Woolsey, The Revd Thomas to Read, Jane by licence 3.6.1777


Kennedy, Charles to Patricks, Jane married in the Church by Wm Eastwood 15.1.1778

May, John to Kennedy, Ann by licence by Wm Murray 4.6.1778

Byrne, William to Eastwood, [blank] by licence by Jno Barlow 23.12.1778


Stakes, Thomas to Roche, Margaret married by C: Kent being duly called in Church 17.9.1780


Marks, Robert to Walsh, Jane married by Revd. J: P. Hawkey 11.2.1781


Bean, Hugh to Hargiton, Ann married by Bans 29.9.1782

Vickers, Jeremiah to Page, Frances by prerogative Licence 11.12.1782


Roe, Francis to Eastwood, Mary by public Banns 11.4.1784

Carey, William to McConnel, Susanna by Banns 13.4.1784

Wrightson, Thomas to Clark, Martha by licence 23.12.1784


Gilligan, James to Bailey, Elizabeth by Licence 11.2.1785

Ardery, William to [blank], Ellener by Banns 8.4.1785

Russel, John to Dixon, Mary by public Banns 2.9.1785

Malcome, Thomas to Stephenson, Mary by Licence 2.10.1785

Morgan, Richard to Coulter, Elizabeth by Licence 27.10.1785


Tyrrel, Peter to Shekleton, Dorothy by Licence 19.4.1786

Warrant, Thomas to Russell, Alice by Banns 4.8.1786


Grills, John to Fitzpatrick, Frances Elizabeth by Licence 16.12.1787


Wild, Charles, Esqr. to Tipping, Miss Rebecca by Prerogative Licence 18.2.1788

Filgate, Townly, Esqr. to Maxwell, Elizabeth by Prerogative Licence 4.4.1788

Tinley, The Revd: Ger[vais] to Eastwood, Miss Mary by Prerogative Licence 24.7.1788


Powell, William to Brady, Catherine 18.2.1789


Kippix, John of the 46th Regt. to McComley, Rose by Banns 7.3.1790

McGusty, Daniel to Foster, Margaret by Prerogative Licence 10.4.1790

Sullivan, John of 46th Regt. to McGuittigan, Susanna by Public Banns 3.4.1790

Maxwell, George, Doctr. of Phisick to Maxwell, Miss Jane by Licence 3.5.1790

Ellis, William of 70 Regt. to Gallagher, Margaret by Banns 5.9.1790

Evans, George to English, Jane by Banns 5.9.1790


Bigger, Lenox, Esqr. to Eastwood, Miss Charlotte of Castletown by Licence 25.3.1791

Atkinson, James to Barrett, Hannah by Licence 11.5.1791

Rogers, James, Esqr. to Coulter, Miss Mary by Licence 3.7.1791


Pepper, William to Fitzpatrick, Alicia by Licence 19.2.1792

Browne, Richard to Shaw, Miss Mary by Licence 19.3.1792


Hinds, John to Murphey, Harriette, youngest to George Murphy Esq Dundalk by Licence 3.4.1793

Harvey, William, 8th Foot to Macginnis, Mary, of Dundalk by Banns 19.5.1793

Honeyford, Richard to Ogle, Marcella by Banns 16.6.1793

Honeyford, John to Walker, Ann by Banns 24.7.1793


Atkinson, Mr John to Byrne, Mrs Anne by Licence 22.4.1794

Fitzpatrick, Michael to Lyons, Mary by Banns July/August 1794


Palmer, Roger, of the North Maio Militia to Hallowday, Miss Cilena, of Newry 26.10.1795


Moritz, William Joseph to Coulter, Ann, Spinster, by Licence 11.10.1796

Sullivan, James, Mercht. Dublin to Lester, Miss Elizabeth of Dundalk by Special Licence 14.10.1796


Forde, James, Esqr, Captain in Colol. Ogle’s Regmt. to Page, Miss Sarah Anne of Dundalk by Licence 16.3.1797

Minchin, Humphry, Quarter Master in Lord Ancrum’s Regt:, Scotch Cavalry, to Bowles, Miss Clarissa, late from England, by Banns 28.6.1797

Rutherford, John, Sergeant in Lord Roden’s 1st Fencible Regt. of Dragoons, to Page, Miss Mary, second Daughter of Mr Saml. Page, Grocer of Dundalk, by Licence 4.8.1797


Woods, James, Apothecary, to Reilly, Ann, Spinster of Dundalk by Licence 27.2.1798

Donoghoo, Thomas, of the Dumfrice Light Dragoons, to Harland, Mary, Spinster, in the Church of Dundalk, by Banns 3.8.1798


Balmer, Henry, of the Upper Ward of Dundalk to Slater, Margaret, of the Charter School Dundalk by Licence 17.2.1799

Suttle, James, of the Suffolk Militia, to Collins, Agnes, of Dundalk, by Banns 10.3.1799

Holland, John, of the Suffolk Militia to Slater, Miss [blank] of this Town by Licence 20.3.1799

Pluck, Richard, of the West Suffolk Regt of Militia to McDermott, Mary, by Banns 21.4.1799

James, James [sic], Private of the W. Suffolk Militia to Mercer, Mary, of Dundalk, by Banns 27.4.1799

Pinacle, John, Sergeant in the West Suffolk Militia, to Rutherford, Mary, by Licence 11.5.1799

White, John, Private in the West Suffolk Militia, to Mourtaugh, Mary, by Banns 14.5.1799

Drake, Stephen, Private in the W.S. Militia, to Armstrong, Mary Ann, by Banns 26.5.1799

Carter, James, Sergeant in the West Suffolk Militia,to Streling [Sterling?], Martha, by Banns 2.6.1799

Bennett, Sanders, Private of the Oxford Militia, to Parker, Matilda, by Banns 5.7.1799

Blacklock, Thomas to Hughes, Martha by Banns 1.12.1799


Woods, John to Godbey, Ann by Licence 12.1.1800

Guy, John to O Bierne, Catherine, by Licence 21.5.1800

Person, William, Private in 71 Regmt. to Brady, Briget, by Banns 3.8.1800

Tallan, James, Esqr to Forde, Miss Ann, Daughter of James Forde Esq Collector, by Licence 11.8.1800

Scott, John to Townley, Miss Esther, late of Newry, by Licence 5.10.1800


Armstrong, John, Lieut. 71st Rgmt. of Foot, to Dalrymple, Miss Macrae, Eldest Daughter of Genl. Dalrymple, by Special Licence 10.3.1801

Mannen, Charles, Lieut. in 71st Infantry, to Low, Eliza, of [blank] in the County of Galway, by Licence 10.3.1801 James Montgomery Vicar of Dundalk

Ervin, William, Private in the 32nd Regmt of Foot, to Colvin, Elizabeth, by Banns 8.5.1801

Wood, William, Private in the 32nd Regmt of Foot, to Wilkinson, Mary, by Banns 10.5.1801

Moore, George, of the 32nd Regmt, to Flanagan, Briget, by Banns 20.5.1801

Hunter, John, late of the Royal Artillery, to Malone, Jane, by Banns 25.12.1801


Barret, George to Jones, Mary, Banns published 9.5.1802

Locey, Thomas to Gades, Elizabeth, by Banns published 19.5.1802

Barret, John to Ivers, Sarah, by Licence 27.5.1802

Davison, John to Thomas, Sarah, by Licence 28.7.1802

Massey, Richard to Keenan, Jane, by Banns 1.8.1802

Tipping, Francis Esqr to Forde, Miss Christian, by Licence 30.8.1802

Morgan, John, Sergt. 67 Regt. to McCowan, Mary, by Banns 18.10.1802

Smith, Francis to Cornes, Lucy, by Licence 12.11.1802

Funt, John, soldier 67 Regmt to Fields, Elizabeth, by Banns 18.12.1802

Deggon, John, soldier of 67 Regmt to Nellor, Mary, by Licence 30.12.1802


Boyle, Robert to Corry, Mrs Allice, by Licence 11.1.1803

Barrett, William to Miss Botham by Licence 30.1.1803

Goodacre, John, Corpl. 67 Regt. to Boyle, Mary, by Banns 13.2.1803

McAvoy, Patrick to McGlaughlin, Ann, by Banns 23.2.1803

Ratcliff, Charles, 67 Regt. to Ryecroft, Rachel, by Banns 25.4.1803

Booth, James, 2[nd Dragoon Guards?] or Queens, to Crook, Amy, by Banns 3.7.1803

Elliot, James, 2 Dragoon Guards, to Bigger, Mary, by Banns 17.7.1803

Gerrity, Dennis, 67 Regt. to Mackin, Catherine, by Banns 17.7.1803

Mouritz, John, Cabinet Maker, to Bond, Miss Mary, by Licence 4.9.1803


No records for 1728-1738, 1744-1751, 1773-1783


Hornsby Cezar Hornsby 1.10.1727 Cezar Hornsby Buryed Octobr. ye 1st 1727

Coley Mary, wife of William Coley 14.11.1727

McKenna Mary, wife to Patrick McKenna 20.11.1727

Wood Wido[w] Wood 30.11.1727

Simple The Revd. Mr Simple 4.12.1727

Gyles Jane, daughter to Mr John Gyles 11.12.1727 [No records 1728 – 1738]


Woolsey The Revd. Mr Woolsey 18.12.1739

Thomson Henry Thomson, my Lords footman 25.12.1739


Green Ralph Green 14.4.1740

Tooms Ellinor Tooms 14.4.1740

Gyles William Gyles 1.5.1740


Henry Charles Henry 23.6.1741

Page Miss Page 22.7.1741

Gillman Mr Gillmans father 25.7.1741

Prue Mr Nicolas Prue 10.8.1741

Wyne William Wyne, a child 15.8.1741

Bolton Mr Bolton 19.8.1741

Conningham Andrew Conningham 26.8.1741

Walsh Jonathan Walsh 31.8.1741

[Walsh] Elizabeth, his wife 2.9.1741

Hill Jane Hill 3.9.1741

Murphy John Murphy 4.9.1741

Tippin[g] Mr Thomas Tippin 12.9.1741

Hornsby Elizabeth Hornsby 2.12.1741


Walsh Wido[w] Walsh 17.1.1742*

Hunt Elizabeth Hunt 20.1.1742*

Robinson Martha Robinson 24.1.1742*

Clifford Mr Clifford 15.2.1742*

Rawden Charles Rawden 17.2.1742*

Johncourt Mr Johncourt Frenchman 2.3.1742* * all dated 1741, but probably 1742

Ellingworth Charles Ellingworth 30.3.1742

Murphy Elizabeth Murphy ali[a]s Shewell 13.5.1742

Hill John Hill 2.8.1742

Richardson Richard Richardson 15.9.1742

Moore Robert Moore 3.10.1742

Graham Mr Simon Graham 8.11.1742

Brady Thomas Brady 29.12.1742


Tippin[g] Lettice Tippin 6.4.1743

Shewell Catherin, wife to Tib. Shewell 27.4.1743 [No records 1744 – 1751]


Wyne William Wyne 29.5.1752 [p.89]

Shewell Wido[w] Shewell 3.6.1752

Lyon Wido[w] Lyon 8.6.1752

Boyd Samuel Boyd 25.10.1752 [p.45]

Morton Elizabeth Morton 7.11.1752 N:S:*

Taylor Mary Taylor, Wido[w] 16.11.1752


Woolf John Woolf buried in the Church 20.1.1753 N:S:*

Wrightson Margaret, wife to Aby Wrightson buried in the Church 5.3.1753 N:S:*

McClure Mr William McClure 31.3.1753 N:S:*

Adams Mr Ralph Adams 25.4.1753 N:S:*

Sharp Henry Sharp 16.6.1753 N:S:*

Gray Richard Gray 26.7.1753

Hill Thomas Hill 17.9.1753

Prescot Magdalen Prescot 26.9.1753

Jones Richard Jones 12.11.1753

Peter the Dutchman 15.11.1753

Patterson Catherin Patterson 14.12.1753 N:S:*

*[N:S: - New Style – refers to the adoption of the Gregorian calendar in 1752, when September 2nd was followed by September 14th]

Cluff John Cluff 23.12.1753

Martin Ann Martin 25.12.1753


Major Mr Thomas Major 22.1.1754 [recorded as 1753]

Bows The Revd. Mr John Bows buried in Dublin 15.2.1754 [Mr Bows was the Rector of Dundalk]

Johnston Sarah Johnston 4.2.1754

Johncoor Mrs Johncoor buried in the Church 18.3.1754

McGennis Sarah McGennis 30.5.1754

Harrison Charles Harrison 31.5.1754

Kinnard Peter Kinnard 6.6.1754

Irwin Mary, daughter to William Irwin 23.6.1754

Kelting John Kelting 10.9.1754

Pamer Master Pamer buried in the Church 2.10.1754

Johnston Mary Johnston 19.10.1754


Nizebitt James Nizebitt 7.1.1755

Richardson Mary, daughter to Robert Richardson 27.2.1755

Moffitt William Moffitt 15.3.1755

Morgan John, son to John Morgan 16.9.1755

Sergeant Elizabeth, wife to Ben Sergeant 24.10.1755

Coulter Margarett, wife to Alexander Coulter 16.11.1755

Coulter Neale Coulter 22.11.1755

Mason Mary Mason 16.7.1755

Monepeny [no name given] Monepeny, a brother in Law of Jo: Coulters 7.8.1755

Miller A son of James Millers 6.9.1755

Luews/Lucros A son of Luews/Lucros ye Player 6.9.1755

Cramor A son of Mr Cramor 31.10.1755

Sands Margaret, a daughter of Richard Sands 16.11.1755

A son of George [blank] 18.11.1755

Riley A son of John Riley 6.12.1755


Coulter A daughter of Thomas Coulter 21.1.1756

Gyeles Thomas, a son of John Gyeles 31.1.1756

McLaughlin Dunkan McLaughlin 16.1.1756

Lisk Rose Lisk 8.2.1756

Gunnill Wido[w] Gunnill 15.2.1756

Seravendeck Mary Seravendeck a Dutch girl 25.2.1756

Elgee Mr Elgee 18.3.1756

Oastrif Christian Oastrif Gardener 15.4.1756

Lambert Elizabeth Lambert 9.5.1756 [this entry was also inserted in the Marriage Register, p. 78]

Wood George Wood, son to Michael Wood 3.8.1756

Money Mary Money 28.8.1756

Serjant Thomas Serjant 29.8.1756

McClennan Eliner wife to David McClennan 11.9.1756

Howard George Howard 13.9.1756

Page Doctor Page 30.9.1756

Draper Mrs Draper buried in Screen 2.11.1756

Clifford Mr Clifford buried in the Church 9.12.1756

Moffitt William Moffitt Junr 24.12.1756

[Slith] David Slith’s Mother in Law 20.6.1756

Smith A daughter of John Smiths in ye Parlement Square 21.6.1756

Boulton A daughter of Mr Richard Boulton of Drumiskin 13.8.1756

Hill A son of William Hill 26.9.1756

Hill A daughter of John Hill 4.10.1756

Bell A daughter of John Bells 10.10.1756

Baxter A son of James Baxter 25.10.1756

Neale A son of James Neale 20.11.1756

Roberts A son of John Roberts 11.12.1756

Elley A son of Charles Elley’s 26.12.1756


Green A daughter of William Green 4.1.1757

Smith A daughter of John Smith’s 8.5.1757

Daley The wife of Patt Daley 22.6.1757

[Hollam] A grandson of Thomas Hollams 18.7.1757

Donellson The wife of Andrew Donellson 13.7.1757

Gordan A child of John Gordans 13.9.1757

Paige Margret Paige 12.10.1757

Naile Mary Naile 19.10.1757

Rebeg A daughter of Rebeg the Dier 1.11.1757

Bolton Edward Bolton 4.2.1757

Tippin Miss Lettice Tippin buried in the Church 23.3.1757

Lambert Mrs Lambert 25.4.1757

Twybell Elizabeth, daughter to James Twybell 30.4.1757

Malone Old Thomas Malone 27.8.1757

Wyne Thomas Wyne 22.9.1757

Lahy Doroty Lahy 26.10.1757

Neville A son of Mary Neville 1.1.1757

Green Ross Green, a child 14.1.1757

Smith A child of John Smiths 20.1.1757

Minnet A child of Nicholas Minnets 29.1.1757

Houard A child of Widow Houard 30.1.1757

Dasson A daughter of Mr John Dassons 21.3.1757

Patterson A son of John Patterson’s of Foughert 4.4.1757


Franklin Mary Franklin 17.1.1758

Coulter Jean Coulter 4.3.1758

Pendery William Pendery, a child 4.3.1758

Herin John Herin, a child 27.3.1758

Balmor John Balmor of Killcurley 1.4.1758

Quaile Elizabeth Quaile 14.5.1758

Coonah Patt Coonah, a child 3.6.1758

Hamon A daughter of Robert Hamon 7.6.1758

Smith A son of John Smiths 25.6.1758

Boulton A daughter of Mr Richard Boulton 27.6.1758

Smith A son of John Smith’s 10.7.1758

Stephenson Artor Stephenson 22.7.1758

Wood A son of John Wood 5.8.1758

Wellsh Joan Wellsh 8.8.1758

Cluff A son of the Widow Cluff 23.8.1758

Edgar A daughter of Mr Edgar’s 23.10.1758

Twibell Ann Twibill 1.11.1758

Coulter A son of Thomas Coulter’s of Dundalk 30.11.1758

Coulter A Child of Thomas Coulter’s 7.12.1758

Millor Eastor Millor 19.12.1758

Clanbrassil The Rt. Honourable Earl of Clanbrassil Dyed in Dublin 17.3.1758

Christian Mr Robert Christian Gauger 4.5.1758

Coghlan Mr Robert Coghlan 10.5.1758

Nicoals Abraham Nicoals 23.5.1758

Page Samuel Page 16.8.1758

Daley Good Doctor Daley buried in Kilsaran 28.9.1758

Sands Mark Sands 11.11.1758

McEntosh Daniel McEntosh 13.11.1758


Walsh Thomas Walsh 29.3.1759

Smith William Smith my Lords House Steward 9.5.1759

McNeale Jane McNeale 10.5.1759

Doran Edward Doran 5.8.1759

Leathes Mrs Leathes 19.8.1759

White Philip White Sailor 28.8.1759

Page Miss Prudence Page buried in the Church 8.10.1759

Hall/Hale Mary, Wife to Richard Hall/Hale 31.10.1759

Patterson Keary Patterson 26.11.1759

Gordon A daughter of John Gordon’s 28.1.1759

Heley William Heley 20.3.1759

Herons William Herons died in ye Infirmary 16.4.1759

Paige Miss Paige, daughter to Mr John Paig ye Eldor 9.6.1759

Naile James Naile 23.9.1759

Sands A daughter of Clemont Sands 15.10.1759

Nutell A daughter of Larey Nuttells 15.11.1759

Marlin Elinor Marlin 4.12.1759


Bisset A son of David Bisset 19.1.1760

Hill a daughter of William Hills 16.2.1760

Boulton A daughter of John Boultons 10.3.1760

Chambers A daughter of John Chambers 30.3.1760

Richardson Elinor Richardson 1.6.1760

Carthey Mary Carthey 7.6.1760

Butler Susana Butler 20.7.1760

Kenedy Madlin Kenedy 16.8.1760

Page Mrs Page widow to Mr Stephen Page 18.3.1760

Colier John Colier 30.3.1760

Mercer Mrs Mercer wife to William Mercer Esqr. 17.5.1760

Wellsh Mary wife to Matthew Wellsh 9.11.1760

Paige Mary Paige 14.12.1760

Dougherty Ann Dougherty 27.12.1760


Barcor Margret Barcor 18.1.1761

Lester William Henry Lester 30.1.1761

Wellsh Richard Wellsh a child 24.2.1761

Gunell William Gunell 25.2.1761

Bellew Isabella Bellew 13.3.1761

Stuart George Stuart a child 25.3.1761

Dougherty Elizabeth Dougherty 26.3.1761

Jesson Richard Jesson 3.5.1761

Sirman William Sirman a child 23.7.1761

Hill A daughter of William Hills 20.11.1761 [p.50]


Wood Mary Wood 6.3.1762

Love/Loue Widow Love/Loue 12.3.1762

Ansley John Ansley 30.3.1762

Maculom [blank] Maculom a child 4.1.1762 also A daughter of William Macollam Janry

Skelton John Skelton a child 9.1.1762

Jeffers Ann Jeffers 11.1.1762

Lambert Moses Lambert 13.1.1762

Page Stephen Page a child 15.1.1762

Marks Filice 7.2.1762

Grills William Grills a child 24.2.1762

Farlow Elizabeth Farlow a child 2.3.1762

Stuart George Stuart a child 17.3.1762

Taillor Matthious Taillor a Saller 1.4.1762

Erwin Edward Erwin 4.4.1762

Hobbson Isabella Hobbson 14.4.1762

Price Jean Price 2.5.1762

Kingsman Ann Kingsman 8.5.1762

Wellsh Richard Wellsh 13.5.1762

Kingsman Henery Kingsman 13.5.1762

Booth George Booth 28.5.1762

Coulter Ann Coulter a child 28.5.1762

Shipley Elizabeth, daughter to Shipley a Soldier 27.6.1762

Herrin Elinor, daughter to Hance Herrin 3.7.1762

Benner Elizabeth, daughter to Benner, a Soldier 7.7.1762

Wellsh Elizabeth Wellsh a child 26.7.1762

Allin William Allin a Soldier’s Child 26.7.1762

Grills Ann Grills a Child 28.7.1762

Allin Elizabeth Allin a Soldier’s Child 29.7.1762

Erwin Ann Erwin a Child 1.8.1762

Browne Browne a Saleor 4.8.1762

Laulit Luis Laulit 31.8.1762

Wood Michael Wood 4.9.1762

Butler Robert Butler a Child 24.9.1762

Murrey Ann Murrey 30.9.1762

Toppom Toppom a Soldier 3.10.1762

Rider [blank] Rider a Child 18.10.1762

Gwinn Alley Gwinn a Child 4.11.1762

Workman Miss Hariot Workman 7.11.1762

Cristian Alice Cristian a Child 8.11.1762

Evins James Evins a Child 10.11.1762

McDonell Briget a Child of William McDonells 12.11.1762

Chambers Pations Chambers 14.11.1762

Patterson Mary Patterson 15.11.1762

Joans Sara, daughter of Joans a Soldier 7.12.1762


Smith Rachell Smith 3.1.1763

Hogan John Hogan a Child 28.1.1763

Casedy Thomas Casedy a Child 7.3.1763

Cantfield Ellenor Cantfield a Chartor Gerell 24.3.1763 [a girl from the Charter School]

Bush Mary Bush a Chartor Child 28.4.1763

Campbell Ann Campbell a Chartor Child 30.4.1763

Gordan John Gordan 12.5.1763

Miller Catrin Miller 13.5.1763

Pendery James Pendery a Child 17.5.1763

Gordan Letess Gordan a Child 24.5.1763

Sands George Sands a Child 30.5.1763

Cralley Elizabeth Cralley 4.6.1763

Wellsh Elizabeth Wellsh a Child 16.6.1763

Cralley Henry Cralley 11.7.1763

Denis Elizabeth Denis a Child 18.8.1763

Lions Moses Lions a Child 9.10.1763

Morton Prissella Morton 11.10.1763

Harrison Ross Harrison 14.10.1763

Bargemor Ann Bargemor a Sargents Wife 20.11.1763

Bell James Bell a Child 27.11.1763

Bows William Bows a Child 9.12.1763


Murphey Ann Murphey a Child 1.1.1764

Murphey Hariot Murphey a Child 5.1.1764

Bachelor James Bachelor a foundling 26.1.1764

Paige Susana Paige a Child 26.1.1764

Denis Elizabeth Denis a Child 27.1.1764

Nuttell Laurence Nuttell 19.2.1764

Robinson George Robinson 22.2.1764

Lister Sara Listor a Child 21.3.1764

Suddon Ruth Suddon 4.5.1764

Wellsh Mary Wellsh a Child 4.5.1764

Byren Ann Byren 14.7.1764

Wellsh Judoth Wellsh 14.8.1764

Miller Henery Miller 14.11.1764

Daley John Daley 28.12.1764


Boulton Mrs Boulton 30.7.1765

Paige Thomas Paige a Child 18.12.1765

Joans Moradeth Joans 1.1.1765

Pendery Elizabeth Pendery a Child 5.1.1765

Green Jean Green 18.1.1765

Green Ann Green 10.3.1765

McCollam Ann McCollam 7.4.1765

Patterson Sara Patterson 18.4.1765

Bannom Nathaniel Bannom 25.5.1765

Vincent Mary Vincent a Child 26.5.1765

Tippin Miss Catrin Tippin 21.6.1765

Maireyann [blank], one of ye Charter Children 21.6.1765

Norminton Luek Norminton 25.9.1765

De Joncoart Abraham De Joncoart 29.12.1765


Jeffers Robert Jeffers 14.1.1766

Gray Jean Gray a Child 28.1.1766

Workman Masr. Workman a Child 13.2.1766

Paige A daughter of Mr Stephan Paige 29.3.1766 [see below]

Murphey Elizabeth Murphey a Child 6.4.1766

Coona Ann Coona 27.2.1766

Miller Francis Miller 28.2.1766

Minis Ann Minis a Child 27.3.1766

Paige Mrs Susana Paige, and a Child of Mr Stephan Paige at the same time 30.3.1766

Fitzgibon Jean Fitzgibon 4.4.1766

Cunin James Cunin a Child 12.5.1766

Law Mrs Law 12.6.1766

Brigen Robert Brigen 13.6.1766

Stuart William Stuart 8.7.1766

Green John Green 15.7.1766

Murphey Mr Robert Murphey 17.6.1766

Skelton Elizabeth Skelton a Child 25.8.1766

Drum Judoth Drum one of ye Charter Gerells 15.9.1766

Malon John Malon 20.10.1766

Coner Ann Coner one of the Charter Gerells 27.10.1766

Smith Briget Smith one of the do. 1.11.1766

Black Catrin Black one of the do. 7.11.1766

McNeale Jean Mc Neale 12.11.1766

Johnston Ann Johnston 16.11.1766

McKey Ann McKey also 16.11.1766

Pendery Elizabeth Pendery 20.11.1766

Lions Moses Lions a Child 24.11.1766

Renills A Child of Huston Renills 29.11.1766

Coulter A Child of Thomas Coulters 30.11.1766

McGregor A Child of John McGregor 1.12.1766

Hutson Mary Hutson 19.12.1766


Skelton The Revd Mr John Skelton 25.1.1767 [Head Master of Dundalk Grammar School]

Denis Margret Denis 31.1.1767

Caffrey James Caffrey 31.1.1767

Nevill Mary Nevill 3.2.1767

Twibell Elizabeth Twibell 18.2.1767

[Ling] A grandchild of Mary Lings 23.2.1767

A foundling Child 4.3.1767

Tallor Margret Tallor 7.3.1767

Graingor John Graingor 24.4.1767

Sanfoard Robert Sanfoard a Sailor 28.4.1767

Gray Richard Gray a Child 3.4. or 3.5 1767

Coulter Sarah Coulter 5.6.1767

Roberts John Roberts 6.6.1767

Lestor A Child of Charles Lestor’s 17.6.1767

Boulton Elizabeth Boulton a Child 25.6.1767

Bucley Widow Bucley 2.7.1767

Paige Catrin Paige a child 16.8.1767

Ellge Mary Ellge 17.9.1767

Lindon Robert Lindon a Child 21.10.1767

Law George Law a Child 23.10.1767

Giles Mrs Giles 29.11.1767

Lisk Roas Lisk a Child 28.12.1767

Doran Fredrick Doran a Child 29.12.1767


Naile Margret Naile 7.1.1768

Caffery Ellinor Caffery 26.1.1768

Paige Catrin Paige a Child 13.2.1768

Menelley Jean Menelley 18.2.1768

Sleator John Sleator 6.3.1768

Lisk William Lisk 8.3.1768

McCarteny Ann McCarteny otherwise Cooley 13.3.1768

Lambert Benjiman Lambert 20.3.1768

Kened [blank] Kened 22.3.1768

Anderson Robert Anderson 15.4.1768

Patricks [blank] Patricks a Child 15.4.1768

Patterson Mordent Patterson 18.4.1768

Miller Sarah Miller 29.5.1768

Pendery Mary Pendery 8.6.1768

Hill Briget Hill 11.6.1768

Millor Elinor Millor 7.8.1768

Russell Ann Russell 9.8.1768

Burck Dillon Burck a Child 10.8.1768

Skelton Maria Skelton a Child 11.8.1768

Twibell William Twibell of Peaymount 3.10.1768

Wimp John Wimp 30.10.1768

Ebetson Robert Ebetson a Child 3.12.1768


Maxwell A Child of Mr Maxwell’s 9.4.1769

Denis John Denis 19.1.1769

Cooley Patrick Cooley 28.2.1769

Coulter Thomas Coulter 29.3.1769

Saile Samuile Saile 12.4.1769

Smith John Smith 28.4.1769

Miller James Miller 21.5.1769

Doran A Son of the Widow Doran’s 26.5.1769

Grills A Son of William Grills 10.8.1769;

Grills do a son of William Grills 12.8.1769

Harting John Harting of ye Parlement Squaier 20.8.1769

Gray A daughter of Rallf Gray’s 30.9.1769

Boulton Mrs Boulton 15.12.1769

Moore Ann Moore, one of Charter Gerills 18.12.1769


Best John Bests Wife 2.2.1770

Sleator The Wido[w] Sleator 20.4.1770

Crally Mary Crally a Child 3.5.1770

Holdon Martha Holdon 10.6.1770

Sleator John Sleator a Child 13.6.1770

Skelton Sarah Skelton a Child 14.6.1770

Boulton Elizabeth Boulton 25.6.1770

Hill Robert Hill a Child 6.7.1770

Wellsh Elizabeth Wellsh 7.7.1770

Collins James Collins a Stranger 16.7.1770

Skelton Rebecca Skelton a Child 21.7.1770

Ranson Elizabeth Ranson 1.8.1770

Collier Catrin Collier 13.8.1770

Anderson John Anderson a Child 26.10.1770

Sergent Ann Sergent 4.11.1770

Kenedy Thomas Kenedy a Child 10.11.1770

Bamer John Bamer a Child 23.11.1770

Shewell Theboald Shewell 10.12.1770


Creedy John Creedy 5.1.1771

Charelton William Charelton 11.1.1771

Kelly Widow Kelly 15.1.1771

Houldon William Houldon 31.1.1771

King Frances King 20.2.1771

Marcks A Child of John Marcks 10.3.1771

Moris Thomas Moris 18.3.1771

Sirman A child of George Sirman’s 17.4.1771

Cuninham Catrin Cuninham 30.5 1771

Woolsey Mrs Woolsey 13.6.1771

Coulter Mary Coulter 20.6.1771

Maxwell A Child of Mr Maxwells 1.8.1771

Lions A Child of John Lions 3.8.1771

Gitong [probably Guitton] Mrs Gitong 14.8.1771

Richardson The Widow Richardson 16.8.1771

Creamor Mr Ambros Creamor 22.8.1771

Bows William Bows 6.9.1771

Patterson Jerimiah Patterson 2.10.1771

Mekeen James Mekeen 8.10.1771

Slack Margret Slack 14.10.1771

Kenedy A Child of John Kenedys 23.10.1771

Campbell John Campbell 24.10.1771

Leath A Child of Michael Leath’s 27.10.1771

Crally A Child of Samule Crally 6.11.1771

Sirman A Child of George Sirman’s 10.11.1771

Best A Child of John Best’s 28.11.1771

Tighe Masr Daniel Tighe 24.12.1771

Ansley Alice Ansley 31.12.1771


Twibell Mrs Twibell 19.1.1772

Hoams Thomas Hoams 28.1.1772

Cartey Lowesia Cartey 29.1.1772

Duffey Widow Duffey 20.2.1772

Boulton Theoffillis Boulton 12.3.1772

Reford Ann Reford 18.4.1772

Cramor Miss Elizabeth Cramor 1.5.1772

Straing Henery Straing 27.5.1772

Gray Ralph Gray 27.6.1772

McDaniell A Child of Robert McDaniell’s 3.7.1772

Moneypeny Elizabeth Moneypeny 30.7.1772

Murphey Catrin Murphey a Child 31.8.1772

Paige A Child of Mr Stephan Paige’s buried Septr. [No records 1773-1783]


Crawford Susannah Crawford 20.4.1784

Butler Sarah Butler 8.5.1784

Quash James Quash 20.5.1784

Pepper Mrs Abigail Pepper 1.8.1784

Smith Mrs Smith 1784

Atkinson Miss Dorathy Atkinson 1.11.1784

Malone Thomas Malone Senr. 4.11.1784

Phillis Widow Phillis 16.11.1784

McCullen Hugh McCullen 4.12.1784

Reaney William Reaney 10.12.1784

Patterson Lanty Patterson 13.12.1784

Farlow James Farlow 14.12.1784

Green William Green 30.12.1784


Ardery Mary Ardery 3.1.1785

Richardson James 12.2.1785

Dun Widow Dun 26.2.1785

Davies Capt. John Davies 11.3.1785

Goodlow [blank] Goodlow 14.3.1785

Truman Matthew Truman 29.3.1785

Byrne John son of William Byrne 4.4.1785

Deel James son of James & Jane Deel 10.5.1785

Menary James Menary 5.6.1785

Butler Mary Butler 14.7.1785

Hardy [blank] Hardy 31.7.1785

Dewar Neal Dewar 14.8.1785

McDonnal Stephen McDonnal 23.8.1785

Mrs [blank] Jonesborough 24.8.1785

Knuckle Mary Knuckle 29.8.1785

White William White soldier’s child 5thRt. 21.10.1785

Lamb Widow Lamb from Carrickmacross 23.10.1785

No name soldier’s child 5th Rt. 23.10.1785

No name Charter School Girl 23.11.1785

Whitfield Mary Whitfield, soldier’s Wife 5th Reg. 8.12.1785

Ennis [blank] Ennis from ye Infirmary 27.12.1785


Tearney Elizabeth Tearney 26.1.1786

Hay Ann Hay 29.1.1786

Sampson John Sampson soldier 5th R. 17.2.1786

Hill Mary Hill 20.2.1786

Lyons John Lyons 1.3.1786

Hill Mrs Widow Hill Castletown 21.3.1786

Boulton Widow Boulton 3.4.1786

Johnstone Mary Johnstone 12.5.1786

Sands Clam Sands 18.6.1786

Swiney Jane Swiney Charter School Girl 28.7.1786

Marks John Marks 29.7.1786

Macawry Elizabeth Macawry Charter School girl 7.8.1786

Slater Mary Slater 21.8.1786

Slater [blank] 25.8.1786

Crawley [blank] Crawley 4.9.1786

Richardson Widow Richardson 5.9.1786

Farlow Widow Farlow 25.9.1786

Hill Margaret Hill 12.11.1786

Tearney Elizabeth Tearney 20.11.1786

Smith Thomas Smith 29.11.1786

Reade Alexander Reade 10.12.1786

Ceage Mary Ceage 20.12.1786


Coulter Mary Coulter 9.1.1787

Paterson Thomas Paterson 10.1.1787

Patricks Jane Patricks 12.1.1787

Anderson Widow Anderson 22.1.1787

Mathews Catharine Mathews 2.2.1787

Elgee Charles Elgee 10.2.1787

Crawley [blank] Crawley 17.2.1787

Welsh Susannah Welsh 22.2.1787

Readon John Readon [Reardon?] Papist 21.4.1787

Dennis Mary Dennis 16.5.1787

Russell George Russell 2.6.1787

Page John Thomas Page 19.10.1787

Tyrrill Dorothy Tyrrill 13.12.1787


Wrightson Aldborough Wrightson Esqr January 1788

Blake Captain Blake & one of his men 3.1.1788

Lowe Moses Lowe 9.3.1788

A Sailor, whose name we cannot find out 11.3.1788

Sever Mr Sever of Heath Hall 5.5.1788

Browne John Augustus Browne 16.5.1788

Nicolson Widow Nicolson 2.6.1788

Taylor Mrs Taylor 22.10.1788

Quash [blank] Quash 31.10.1788

Savage John Savage 31.10.1788


Shekleton Mrs Jane Shekleton 14.2.1789

Harris Daughter of Edward Harris’s 27.2.1789

Creamer M. C. Creamer of Heath Hall 10.4.1789

Butler Robert Butler Seatown 19.4.1789

Pitman William Pitman Esqr. 18.9.1789


Elphin John Elphin Gamekeeper to Lord Clanbrassil 27.1.1790

McGough Mrs McGough late of Newry was buried here 19.3.1790

Green Mrs Green Widow 21.3.1790

Hill John Hill sawyer 11.4.1790

Clay Captain Clay - who was unfortunately drowned - was buried here 16.4.1790

Wrightson Mr Thomas Wrightson 15.8.1790

Tanner Mary Tanner 17.8.1790

Rutherford Mrs Rutherford 9.10.1790

Browne Richard Browne Esqr. Captain 45th Regt. 11.10.1790

Mercer Fairfax Mercer Esqr. 15.10.1790

Thomas John Thomas – a sailor who was drowned 30.10.1790

Bolton Lanty Bolton 2.11.1790


Monepenney Hyrick Monepenney 23.1.1791

Law Mrs Law 10.4.1791

O’Mally Mrs Ann O’Mally 4.5.1791

Mouritz Mr Joseph Mouritz 21.6.1791

Guitton Miss S Guitton 21.7.1791

Kennedy Mrs Kennedy September 1791

Drake Mrs Mary Drake December 1791


Reid Mrs Reid 17.6.1792

Malcolm Thomas Malcolm 25.9.1792

Maxwel [blank] Maxwel Wife of [blank] 1.10.1792

No name a Charter School Girl 4.11.1792

Maxwel [blank] Maxwel Nailer 4.11.1792


Fitzpatrick Mrs Fitzpatrick buried at Dundalk 26.1.1793

Mitch Harin Mitch 26.1.1793

Evans Captain Evans a Scotchman 2.2.1793

Grills Mr Grills of Carlingford 20.2.1793

Aikin Miss Catherine Aikin 11.8.1793

Morgan Mrs Sarah Morgan 15.8.1793

Carr Widow Carr 2.8.1793

Parks Mrs Paul Parks 2.8.1793

Brown Sergt. Brown of the 8th Regt. 2.11.1793


Golding Mrs Golding 19.1.1794

Temple Captain Temple from England 3.2.1794

Scarlet James Scarlet Cook to the 8th Regt. 8.2.1794

Dennis William Dennis 1.3.1794

Dennis Mrs Dennis Widow to the above 30.3.1794


Crilley Thomas Crilley Wednesday 8.4.1795

Deacon Joseph Deacon, servant of James Forde Esqre. June 1795

Andrews Mrs Andrews buried at Dundalk 12.8.1795

Murphy Miss Elenor Murphy 20.12.1795

Brady Mr John Brady 24.12.1795


Monepenney Squire Monepenney 6.1.1796

Norris Jane Norris 27.1.1796

Mason Richard Mason 28.1.1796

Bolton Edward 28.1.1796

Gilligan James Gilligan 1.2.1796

Norris William Norris 10.2.1796

Gray Ann Gray 18.2.1796

Marks Robert Marks 28.2.1796

Rainey Ann Rainey 6.3.1796

Slater Montgomery Slater 6.3.1796

Morton James Morton 21.3.1796

Coulter Mr Joseph Coulter Senr. 2.4.1796

Moneypenney Mrs Nat Moneypenney 24.4.1796

Scott Mrs Scott 28.4.1796

Richardson Miss Catherine Richardson 12.5.1796

Baily Mrs Hannah Baily 17.7.1796


Carty John Carty of the Parliament Square 22.5.1797

Snow William Snow from Kells a Shoemaker 22.5.1797

Snow Mrs Snow Wife to the above William Snow 18.8.1797

Stephens Anthony Stephens 14.9.1797

Marshal Elizabeth Marshal – a soldier’s Wife 15.9.1797

Hearting Catherine Hearting L:D Militia 17.9.1797 [Londonderry Militia]

Browne John Browne L:D Militia 28.9.1797

Cooney Mr Robert Cooney from Dublin 12.10.1797

Wrightson Mrs Widow Wrightson 8.11.1797

Tourney Henry Tourney 23.11.1797

Tourney Mary Tourney, widow to the above 15.12.1797


Slater Mr Troilus Slater of the Charter School 21.1.1798

Butler Ann Butler 21.1.1798

Loyans Mary Loyans 2.2.1798

Clanbrassil The Rt. Hon’ble the Earl of Clanbrassill 9.2.1798

Hanlan Ann Hanlan soldier’s Child 9.2.1798

Cooner Robert Cooner a Child 9.2.1798

Morton Captain James Morton 1.4.1798

Beck James Beck Child 5.5.1798

Bond Margaret Bond Wife to Charles Bond Private in the L:DM: 10.5.1798

Minitz Mrs Minitz 10.7.1798

Hammer Doctor Hammer of Dublin late from England 22.7.1798

Parker William John Parker an Infant October 1798

Rainey Mr John Rainey Clark of the Parish of Dundalk 7.10.1798

Johnston David Johnston 9.12.1798

Godbey Margaret Godbey 16.12.1798


Dixon Roland Dixon 15.1.1799

Morton Mr William Morton, who perished in a storm on board his ship 2.2.1799

A Person unknown who was drowned 3.2.1799

Hudson Widow Hudson 10.3.1799

Dransfield Mr Dransfield Senr, lately from England 23.3.1799

Godbey Mr George Godbey 5.6.1799

Gataker Mr Henry Gataker 1.7.1799

Lester Miss Lester 8.7.1799

Watson Mrs Watson, Wife of Captain Watson of the Oxford Militia 9.7.1799

Gunnel Mrs Gunnel 1.9.1799

Skelton Mrs Skelton of Sea Town 2.9.1798

Stephenson Widow Stephenson 10.11.1799

Harris Edward Harris 12.11.1799

Lester Mr Thomas Lester, Surgeon 17.11.1799

Page John Page Senr Esqr 20.11.1799

Odgers Widow Odgers 1.12.1799

Smith Mrs Ann Smith Seatown 16.12.1799


Stannus Mrs Stannus 8.1.1800

Dixon Mrs Dixon 24.2.1800

Dance Janie, Daughter of Richard & Judith Dance of the Artillery 2.2.1800

McDaniel Michael McDaniel 16.4.1800

Hill Thomas Hill 16.4.1800

Gillespie Mrs Gillespie aged 78 30.4.1800

Scott Jane Scott 19.7.1800

Norris Joseph Norris 10.8.1800

Kennedy John Kennedy Junr 10.8.1800

Emerson Elliotte Emerson of the Artillery hanged 2.9.1800 [see Freeman’s Journal, Thursday 28th August 1800 p.2]

Ballamore Janus Ballamore 7.12.1800

Woods Mrs Ann Woods 18.12.1800


Thopping Mr Robert Thopping, a Stranger 2.3.1801

Howatshall Lieut. Thomas Howatshall R. Lancashire V. 16.3.1801

Coulter Mr Samuel Coulter 18.6.1801

Baily Mr Simon Baily 2.7.1801

Blacklock Agnes Ann, Child, Daughter of Thomas Blacklock 4.7.1801

Farlow John, Child, Son of John Farlow 19.7.1801

Maxwell Zachariah Maxwell Esqr died 20.8.1801

Crilly Margaret Crilly 24.8.1801

Vickers Mr Jeremiah Vickers died 8.9.1801

Godby Peter Son of Peter & Mrs Godby 23.10.1801

Morton Ann Morton Sea Town 22.11.1801

Bolton Mrs Mary Bolton died 5.11.1801 and was buried 7.11.1801


Connell Michael Connell Quarter Master in the 6th D.Gds. [Dragoon Guards] 16.1.1802

Kilpatrick Widow Kilpatrick on the Charity Church List 27.2.1802

Butler John Butler, a Young Boy 27.2.1802

Finch John Finch Soldier of the Sligo Militia 13.3.1802

Blacklock Thomas Blacklock a Hostlier 25.4.1802

Hinds Mrs Hinds, Wife of Mr John Hinds an Apo[theca]ry 21.5.1802

Mercer Mrs Widow Mercer 15.6.1802

Ennis Catherine Ennis, Charter School Girl 27.6.1802

Connel John Noble Connel, Son of Quarter Master Connel 6 D. Gds. 8.7.1802

Gray Jane Daughter of Ralph & Mary Gray 9.7.1802

Godbey John Godbey, a Boy of 10 years old 2.12.1802


Kennedy Mr John Kennedy 2.1.1803

Mitch John Mitch 16.2.1803

Forde James Forde Esqr, late Collector of this Port 17.3.1803

Adair Mary Adair 6.4.1803

Browne Richard Browne, a sailor 2.5.1803

Gorman John Gorman of Sea Town 6.5.1803

Gafford Jane Gafford, Soldier’s Wife 67 Regmt. 5.6.1803

Smyth Sergt. Smyth of the 67 Regmt. 15.7.1803

Coulter Mrs Ann Coulter, Widow of Mr Samuel Coulter 8.8.1803

Veil William Veil 9.8.1803

Judge Patrick Judge 67 Regmt. 9.8.1803

Montgomery The Revd James Montgomery who was Rector of this Parish upwards of Nineteen years and was a Man of unfeigned Piety, Devotion & Charity, was interred in Dundalk Churchyard – on the North-West side of the late Revd Doctor Francis Hamilton his Predecessor, this Seventeenth Day of August 1803, universally lamented by the Whole Parish, but no one more sincerely than his grateful Curate Ger[vai]s Tinley 17.8.1803